Jio Pos Plus APK Download in 2024

Jio Pos Plus login, Jio Pos Plus registration, Jio Pos Plus for PC, Jio Pos Plus APK Download, Jio Pos Plus recharge: Reliance Jio has launched and announced a new app for Jio Partners or retailers i.e. Jio Pos Plus App. As said, this app from Reliance Jio is specially created for Jio Partners or Jio Retailer and this app is a one-stop-shop solution to all the retailers for managing and taking care of all the Reliance Jio customer-related activities, performance, metrics, and so on…

Retailers or Partners of Reliance Jio can easily recharge their customer’s mobile numbers, subscriptions, paying bills, digital KYC approval, buying services, issuing them new Jio sim, activating the Jio sim in their smartphone, and much more right from the comfort of your Jio Pos Plus App. So, without any further delay let’s get started with how you can download the Jio Pos Plus APK or update the Jio Pos Plus App.

What is Jio Pos Plus APK?

Jio POS Plus APK or Jio Pos Plus App is a very helpful Portal for Jio retailers and Partners of Reliance Jio to commence all the customer-related activities which include everything from scratch regarding the services Reliance Jio, Jio sim, Jio products related activities offers from mobile recharge, transactions, subscriptions, digital or Aadhar eKYC, add ons, device recharge, bill payment, sale, and purchase, manage products inventory or stock & return products, buying and selling of Jio products and much more…

Only 3rd party partners or retailers of Jio (retailers) can use this app completely. Remember, this app or Jio Pos Plus can’t be used by Jio Dealers and Jio Preferred Retailers to do in-store activities and services offering.

Along with how you can download the Jio Pos Plus Apk or App, we have also shared Jio Posv12.4.1, Jio Pos Plus Latest version app download, download APK Jio Pos Plus 12.5.3 Apk, Jio Pos Plus apk at, and a lot more…

Everyone knows how Reliance Jio has totally disrupted the whole telecom sector and various other services from scratch and completely revolutionized the whole industry to evolve. Moreover, Reliance Jio is the first Indian mobile network operator or Telecom Company to gain and onboard millions of customers from various services it offers like 4G internet services, broadband services, e-commerce, online shopping, and much more with the clubbed ecosystem of Reliance Industries Limited databases in such a very short interval time.

It is really true and fact that the milestone and success achieved by Reliance Jio in a very short interval of time would not be possible if they haven’t provided the attractive, lucrative and extremely flawless, and seamless free data service, voice calling and much more i.e. free internet, calls, SMS for a whole year, and after customers got addicted to Reliance Jio, they had completely dominated the whole telecom as well other services like broadband, shopping market, etc. by providing a huge amount of data and offers very affordable and cheap prices.

You will be shocked to know that previously, customers using data services need to pay Rs 300 or more for just 1GB 4G data which we use for an entire month but after Reliance Jio’s digital revolution, customers are getting 1GB 4G data or more and many additional benefits, offers, freebies and much more… per day with free calling for the entire month at the same price.

Who are Reliance Jio Partners?

Reliance Jio partners are the person who is doing business i.e. by promoting Jio products and making the stock available to the general public or we can say Jio customers. The business model can be of any type i.e. B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer).

Types of Jio Partners:-

  • Jio DistributorThe catalyst who enables the availability of products and services to point of sales and retail outlets with adequate width, depth & range of stocks.
  • Jio Preferred Retailer: Key large retail outlets showcasing the entire range of products and services with live demos to enhance the Digital consumer experience.
  • Jio Retailer: Retail outlets selling the device and telecom products and services to consumers.

These are the 3 types of Reliance Jio partners and the Jio pos plus app is specially designed and created for 3rd partner i.e. Jio retailers. Other Jio partners i.e. Jio Distributor and Jio Preferred Retailer can’t use this app for managing their store activities. If you want to become a Jio retailer but don’t know how then you need to check out this article How to become a Jio retailer.

Now, we are going to share all the details about the Jio pos app its features, and its benefits.

Features of Jio Pos Plus App:-

1) Retailers can recharge their customer’s mobile numbers and pay their postpaid bills.

2) Retailers can do digital KYC of their customers within few clicks.

3) Bring other telecom operator’s customer under Jio database i.e. by doing MNP port process using jio plus app.

4) Complete GST Registration of the customer.

5) Do Aadhaar eKYC registration of jio customer.

6) The retailer can purchase and sell the accessories and devices i.e. LYF devices and related accessories.

7) Retailers can order Jio products through the app.

8) Retailers can manage their jio product’s inventory and stock within few clicks.

9) Retailers can also return jio products back to the distributors or preferred retailers.

Benefits of Jio Pos Plus App:-

After all, the Jio pos app is meant for doing business with Reliance Jio so there must be some profit for using the app. Jio pos plus app makes the managing products and service of jio very easy and also gives profit to the retailer for using the app. Retailers get a commission on recharge or bills payment and they also get profit for activating new jio sim and bringing customers to the Jio database.

Reliance Jio gives 4% commission on the total amount of mobile recharge or bill payment and retailers also get around Rs 40 for activating new jio customer i.e. they will get Rs 40 for bringing every new customer on Reliance Jio platform.

Retailers also received a fixed amount of incentives based on their sale of jio products i.e. Jio phone, JioFi, LYF devices, etc.

Till now, we have explained every single detail about the app, features, benefits and now, you must have questions in your mind i.e.

  • How do I install the Jio POS app?
  • How do I update Jio POS?

So now, we are going to share the steps to download or update the app through a third-party app or through jio pos plus apk.

Steps For Jio Pos Plus Update or App APK Download:-

The app is not available on the play store officially so the only way to download the app is through other resources i.e. through a third-party app or by downloading Jio pos plus apk directly.

#1 Method – Through a Third-Party App :

There is an app in the play store which provides Jio pos plus apk i.e. latest version to the Jio retailers. The name of the app is the Intelligent Hub app (Formerly Airwatch Agent). Now, we are going to share some details about the intelligent hub and after that, we are going to share the steps to download the Jio pos plus update version through the air watch agent app or intelligent hub app.

About Intelligent Hub App (Formerly AirWatch Agent App) :

Intelligent Hub app (Formerly Airwatch Agent App) is launched by VMware Workspace ONE. This app is the single destination where employees can have an enhanced user experience with unified onboarding, catalog, and access to services such as People, Notifications, and Home.

Download Jio Pos Plus APK Through Intelligent Hub App :

1) Download Intelligent Hub App From Here

2) Open the app

3) You will be asked to enter your email address or server address. Simply, enter “” and click on “Next”

4) Enter “partners” in the group ID field and click on “Next”

Intelligent Hub App -

5) Grant all the permission and log in to your account.

6) You will see the homepage of the app. Now, to download the Jio pos plus update version, click on “App Catalog”

Jio Pos Plus Catalog

7) You will see a pop-up to open the app in the browser, simply select the browser you use.

8) A new link will open in your browser and you will see a list of apps in which the JioPos plus app will be on the top of the list.

Jio Pos Plus App

9) Click on “Download” or “Update”

10) Click on “Update”

Jio Pos App or ApK Install

11) After the Jio Pos app is successfully downloaded, you need to check whether your smartphones allow installation of the non-official app or not else you are going to get an “Installed block error”. To check “Allow installation of the non-official app or unknown sources”, go to “Settings” > “Security”. You will see this option.

Jio Pos App Installed Blocked Error

12) Turn this option and open the Intelligent hub app again.

13) Click on “Managed Apps” > “Tab to upgrade”

14) Follow the further process.

That’s it. You have successfully downloaded the Jio pos plus update version or the latest version.

#2 Method – Through Latest APK Version (Download Link) :

Note: Jio pos 12.6.4 has some bugs which are causing the app to crash and digital KYC bug so Jio had launched a new app version i.e. 12.7.1.

Jio Pos Plus APK Latest Version Download Link :

Jio Pos Plus 12.7.1 APK Download

Old APK Versions:-

App Info:

Users are also searching for Jio pos plus for pc download but let me tell you that Jio didn’t launch any specific application to run on PC or laptops but if you want to download Jio Pos Plus app on pc then you need to use an emulator i.e. Bluestacks. You can run Jio plus app on pc through the bluestacks app. Jio Pos Plus For PC or Laptop:-

Steps :

  • Download BlueStacks App From Here (.exe file)
  • After successful download, right-click on the .exe file and click on “Run as administrator”
  • Select the folder
  • Accept all the terms and conditions
  • Follow the further process and finish the installation
  • That’s it. App player will successfully be installed on your device.
  • Open the app player and open our website i.e.
  • Download the latest apk and install it on your device.

That’s it. Now, you can use Jio pos plus apk on pc.

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Jio Pos Plus For iPhone or iOS or Jio Phone :

Many people are getting confused and searching for questions like Can we use Jio pos in iPhone? and Can we use Jio pos in Jio Phone? Well, here is your answer guys.

Currently, this app is available for Android users only. iPhone users or Jio phone users can’t use this app till now as there is no such app available in the market. We will update this article as soon as we got any information about the launch of the pos app on iOS or iPhone devices or Jio phone which is running on kai OS.

Official Website – Reliance Jio

What is the Jio Pos Plus Commission?

Jio pos plus application: There is a great Commission on Jio POS Plus app.

  • The commission percentage is 4 which you will get on the total amount of mobile recharges or bill payments.
  • You will also get 40 rupees Commission on activating a new Jio SIM to a new customer
  • Apart from this, a great incentive is also given on selling off the Jio products

Jio Pos Plus Customer Care Number 2021

If you have any doubts, questions, queries, issues related to Jio Pos Plus, then please contact the Official Jio Pos Plus customer care number or helpline number to get instant assist and help.

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Still, left with any questions in your mind? Please comment down below, we will try our best to help you out and make sure to solve your problem from scratch. Thank you.

Team Jio Fiber

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