JioFiber Router Login IP: How to change Router (WiFi/SSID) Password 2024

JioFiber router login IP, connection, WiFi/SSID router password settings: Reliance JioFiber comes like a destructive storm in the broadband service industry with its cheap yet affordable inexpensive ultra-high-speed data plans, offers, benefits, add ons, freebies, and much more. Currently, JioFiber is offering 1 Gbps of seamless internet speed connection, in addition to the JioFiber WiFi router company is also providing Jio set-top-box, Bluetooth speakers, device security, premium content subscription, entertainment OTT applications…

JioFiber Router Login IP How to change Router (WiFi/SSID) Password

From the JioFiber Giga set-top-box, we can stream 1000+ channels with the help of a fiber connection. To set up all these things we need to have JioGigaFiber login details (username/password/IP address/SSID). Here we will take an example of default username/passwords/IP address to easily get the full overview of the router settings.

JioFiber WiFi router settings, configuration, installation, connection, setup – Here is everything you need to know, so let’s get started without any further delay.

What is the JioGigaFiber WiFi Router?

JioGigaFiber WiFi Router is a home networking system to connect multiple devices from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps ultra-high-speed internet connection. It uses Fiber to the Home (FTTH) latest technology which provides direct internet to the home, unlike other broadband cable services JioFiber connection doesn’t slow down its speed. It provides “wall-to-wall-ultra-high-speed-WiFi-coverage” over a distance also. The Fiber connection power’s 4K Giga TV, set-top box, and many other home care electronic devices which include WiFi extender, TV camera, security surveillance camera, Audio, and video dongle, smart speakers, zero-latency HD gaming experience and much more Jio Fiber router login.

New connection: For a new broadband internet service installation, Rs 1,000/- installtion fee is charged “Non-Refundable” and RS 1,500/- towards the security deposit “Refundable”.

JioFiber WiFi Router Login Details

Like every router, the JioFiber WiFi router has an internal specifications IP address which is used to configure the router settings. To access these settings configuration we need to have a user name and password. Well, you will find those details like this, here we have used the default example.

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How and why should I secure my JioFiber WiFi connection?

Securing your private WiFi connection is a must for every individual to prevent your account from being hacked, manipulate the settings, or any mysterious things done by unauthorized users. So changing the default username and the password is a must because default username and password are easily known for any hacker and it is also available on the internet by which they can over cross your admin panel and access your WiFi with just clicks.

In a nutshell, we have to change our default password and username for our security reasons and fear of been hacked. Weak passwords containing just the letters “abcd” or the number “1234” don’t protect firewall security much. The password set must be unique and easily remembered by one. Something like “JioFiber@123” should contain capital letters, numbers, special characters combination. I hope you understand my point.

Some tips to Secure your JioFiber or any other WiFi connection

  1. Never share your SSID (WiFi username) details with an unknown person
  2. Keep changing your WiFi password at regular intervals (it can be a week or a month)
  3. Always hide your SSID WiFi user ID visibility

How to change JioFiber Router (SSID/WiFi) password?

Users can change their JioFiber router (SSID/WiFi) password from both the Official Jio Website or with the help of the MyJio App. Here we have shown proper guidelines for both methods which you can follow.

To Change the JioFiber Giga router password with MyJio:

  1. First login to your MyJio application and go to the JioFiber account
  2. Now go to the settings at the top left corner
  3. Select Device settings under it My Device wait for the details to appear
  4. Click on the advanced settings then a personal section for the JioFiber routers
  5. Click on the SSID WiFi name to change the username and enter a new password & save. Your details will be updated.

With these simple clicks, you can change your SSID (WiFi name) and password very easily with MyJio App. Now we will see how to do it from the Official Jio Website.

To Change the Jio Jiga Fiber router password with Jio Website:

  1. First, visit the official website Jio
  2.  Go the Jio Fiber section present at the top 
  3. Enter your ID/Mobile number and click to generate the OTP for verification and verify the OTP
  4. Now click settings option>My Device>ONT advanced settings
  5. Click on the SSID WiFi name to change the username and put the new password, write down it somewhere for remembering, and click save.

How to hide JioFiber WiFi/SSID/WiFi Username visibility?

It is very simple to enable this feature from MyJio App and protect your device.

  1. Open your MyJio application first
  2. Go the Settings > My device > Advance setting option
  3. Now select the WiFi (SSID) option hide/unhide

How do I check the number of devices connected to My Jio Home Gateway?

This is the most asked question and a major reason for getting down your WiFi speed. You can directly view how many devices are logged in to your JioFiber connection by visiting the settings and My Device option. However, for security reasons and protection, Jio will get you notified with the SMS on the registered mobile number whenever a new user logs in to your WiFi connection. This is the best option I personally like.

How should I Add/Block/Delete/Unblock any user from My JioFiber panel?

You can also Add/Block/unblock or Delete any unidentified and authorized user accessing your Gio Jiga Fiber connection. To manage the user setting simply follow the steps listed

  1. Open your MyJio Application on mobile phone
  2. Login with OTP, Jio Jiga Fiber service ID, or RMN anyone which is convenient for you.
  3. Go to settings then Device settings then My Device
  4. Here you can see the option to Block/Unblock/Delete/Add any user you want to

These are some basic questions mostly asked by JioFiber subscribers which are answered. If you any doubt, queries, regarding installation, WiFi router settings, set-top box, or something to ask. Please contact our JioFiber customer support, they will provide you an instant quick solution and solve your problems.

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Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any queries still, we will try our best from our side to fix it as soon as possible. Thank You.

Team Jio Fiber

JioFiber Router Login IP How to change Router (WiFi/SSID) Password
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