Jio Home Gateway: Jio 4k Set-Top Box, Router, Price & Features 2024

Jio Home Gateway, Jio 4K Set-Top Box, Wi-Fi Router Coverage Network & Features: Jio Fiber Broadband Service is offering superior high quality fastest internet data to enrich and explore your digital life. Fiber Net technology is the easily affordable most trusted and vast user base network of more than 2 crores, happy subscribers. Jio Giga Fiber Home Gateway service is the latest technology of the incredible future.

Jio home gateway, 4k set top box

Jio Fiber Home Gateway Service Offers unlimited ultimate broadband experience to explore, Online Streaming, Surfing, HD Video Gaming, and the work connectivity.

Home Gateway Jio, Router, Wi-Fi Router features, Price & FTTH Technology – Here is everything you need to know

What is JioFiber Home Gateway?

Jio Fiber Home Gateway is the latest connective trending network and the future to explore the world of digital life, with Jio Giga Fiber technology we can enjoy ultimate online streaming, surfing, HD video calling, and much more… At present Jio Fiber Home Gateway is dominating the broadband industry and beats the rest with its ultra-fast download and upload speed and highly effective data transmission capability in just ‘milliseconds’.

Now you just think about that ultra-high-speed internet experience directly right from your home or the workplace with Jio Fiber Gateway. Unlike the most broadband internet services, the Jio Fiber network doesn’t slow down the internet speed with the obstacles coming in between. It has the most effective network connectivity inside your building, home, or the workplace.

What is Jio Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Technology?

Jio Fiber Home Gateway internet network comes directly to our homes without having any secondary conventional internet cables which reduce the speed and user experience till it came to our homes and slow down the connectivity to a greater extent and sometimes even connection is also lost.

While Jio Fiber Home Gateway is completely independent of such type of intermediary patch up cables and comes directly to our homes, which increases the trust, and experience of our subscribers. This is what we are focusing and we achieved the massive success in dominating the industry with the support of our happy customers.

Jio 4K Set-Top Box Features

Jio Fiber 4K TV Set-Top Box is a Hybrid module (DTH+OTT Apps) which means that the user can enjoy both DTH (Direct to the Home) and OTT Applications (Over the Top) on the same set-top box. As we know Jio Fiber offers 7 different plans from Bronze Plan Rs 399/- to the Titanium Plan Rs 8,499/-. The users can avail of this entertainment from the Diamond plan subscription. It includes SonyLiv, Eros Now, Amazon Prime Subscription, YouTube, JioCinema, JioSaavn, and much more… For more details please check Jio Fiber Free Set-Top Box

Note: Jio Fiber Set-Top Box is not the replacement or an alternative for the DTH Traditional Cable Network. We have to connect the cable to this 4k Set-Top Box to have the entertainment of cable TV or you can have the online remote streaming surfing and have the best user experience.

Jio Fiber Plans, Price & Benefits

Jio Fiber Broadband Service is offering 7 different Plans to the users from Bronze Plan offering the internet speed of 30 Mbps, which is priced at Rs 399/- to the Titanium Plan offering the speed of 1 Gbps priced at Rs 8,499/-  Please have a full overview of the different plans, price, and benefits of Jio Fiber Home Gateway below.

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Jio Fiber Home Gateway Price, Features and Benefits

Jio Fiber Home Gateway is included for free as the welcome offer and the complimentary gift in the 6 Plans Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium. In addition to that Bluetooth Speaker, LED TV, Jio Fiber 4K Set-Top Box…etc. are also included in the plan benefits.

Jio Home Gateway, 4k set top box

Is Jio Fiber Home Gateway Wi-Fi Router worth it?

Reliance Jio uses Optical Fibre Technology for the data transmission of Jio Fibre. Optical Fibre has a lot of advantages over the traditional conventional cables. Some of the major advantages are

  1. It provides ultimate High-Speed internet connection
  2. These networks don’t require post-installation the company will upgrade the optical fibers with the latest technology to provide an excellent user experience.

With this ultra-fast high download and upload speed, Jio Fiber Home Gateway internet service enables seamless very smooth UHD Video Services, Gaming, Video conferencing, and a variety of other benefits, offers & applications.

If you have any queries, doubts, questions… anything please let us know in the comment section below. Our professional team will assist you very quickly and get your query solved as soon as possible.

jio home gateway. 4k set top box
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