Jio Fiber Set Top Box Price, Plans, Features & Offers (2024 Review)

jio fiber set top box

Reliance Jio is dominating the whole telecommunication industry since its launch publicly, now they came with one more sensational product Jio Fiber Set Top Box. The product is booming in the market with its attractive price, plans, and latest offers. The cost is very effective affordable and the best in the market as far now. Jio is also giving away set-top boxes to their existing broadband subscribers.

Jio Fiber set Top Box, everything you need to know, let’s move on and cover all the aspects it moves around and gives you full-on knowledge from scratch.

What is Jio Fiber Set-Top Box?

Basically, Jio Fiber Set Top Box is an Android-based streaming media player which the user can easily connect to their TVs using an HDMI port connection. It also comes with Bluetooth based fully responsive remote control access, HDMI Cable, Ethernet Cable, and the quick view starting guide.

You can enjoy streaming HD and 4k resolution videos too with this device. But one thing you have to make sure and get to know that it’s not a conventional DTH Set-Top box. We have to connect the cable to enjoy streaming offline just like a traditional cable operating set-top box.

For instance, if you want to do online movie streaming or surfing online, you have to turn ON the data in a similar way we do on our mobiles.

Note: It is not an alternative to the DTH Network unless works when internet is provided.

How to avail the Free Jio Fiber Set-Top Box?

If you are a new or existing subscriber of Jio Broadband service, then you will get the set-top box installed as apart of compliment to you. The point is you just have to avail and claim the offer, with the help of the MyJio App you can redeem and check for the offers you have.

Some steps have to be followed by the users to avail their complimentary gift from Jio

  1. Get the best suitable plan from MyJio App you like, whether it can be a monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  2. Once completed, you will receive a notification or display some banners about the installation and set up of Jio Fiber Set Top Box details.
  3. If not possible, go to the nearest Reliance Store in your area and avail your free Jio Fiber Set-Top box. is it so simple.

Jio Fiber Set Top Box Installation

As I said earlier Jio is giving away their Jio Fiber Set-Top Boxes to their existing customers, to market their product and capitalized it later as they have done it before too very well with Jio Sim’s, we all saw.

Now coming to the point about this installation, Jio technician will come to you and set up all the installation process manually you don’t have to worry about anything.

jio fiber set top box

If you are an existing subscriber, the technician will ask you to open your MyJio App and redeem the offer or claimed. After this process got completed you need to connect the Jio Fiber set-top box with the TV and all works get completed within a minute. The set-top box will reboot and check for the latest updates.

Which Apps I can stream on Jio Fiber Set-Top Box?

Jio Fiber set-top box comes with an inbuilt app like JioTV Plus, Hotstar, YouTube, JioSavaan, Voot, SonyLIV, and JioCinema.  Apart from that we can also download other apps too and enjoy streaming.

And the magic part is based on the subscription we get access to the paid streaming channels and apps like Hotstar VIP Plan, Voot, etc.

Jio Fiber Plans and Price

Get the clear cut idea about the plans Jio offer in their broadband service and select the best option from the box. Please have a look

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Jio Fiber Features and Quality of Video streaming I hope you have selected the best option for you according to your needs and use.

You can enjoy the best HD quality and 4k resolution quality video streaming on your TV’s, it comes with the super-fast light speed technology internet connection so no doubt about the lagging and other stuff. You can have the best standard of streaming ever with the Jio Fiber Set-Top box.

Meanwhile, the company is planning to give more entertainment to its users with more channels, apps, and online streaming stuff. It includes music, news, sports, and other entertainment channels viewers can enjoy.

Is Jio Fiber comes with Unlimited Data Pack?

When the set-top box is installed first,  it comes with 100 GB free internet data which we can enjoy and spy it from our mobile phone MyJio App. After it got exhausted we need to have more data plan connected for it to continue the stream, there comes Jio Fiber Broadband service from which you can easily enjoy and carry on with your solid boost entertainment.

jio fiber set top box

Moreover please check the plans you have from your broadband, so that daily or monthly data shouldn’t get exhausted too early and you may lead to aromatic confusion.

Can I get Amazon Prime access on my Jio Fiber Set-top box

Yes, Jio has recently introduced Amazon Prime access for their subscribers, to get the meaning full, sarcastic, deep, ecstatic, and knowledgeable content for their viewers. Amazon Prime has those features and trust with its audience too.

However, Netflix is not available on Jio Fiber set-top box but Jio is trying to get it too on their platform. The remote control comes with Jio Fiber Set-Top Box consists of voice control typing also.

In this pandemic, Jio has announced to offer the basic internet connection with 10 Mbps speed without charging any cost in their service areas. However, they need to pay for the router charges.


Jio Fiber Set-Top Box is the best choice if you have a habit of streaming online only on the other hand if you also need to enjoy DTH entertainment, then you need to take another separate subscription for that too. To talk about its performance and streaming, it is the best in all ways without having any lagging delays and buffering while playing 4k resolution videos too.

In my view, you can go for the Jio Fiber Set-Top if you have a good subscription plan and enjoy online streaming, it is the best choice you can have to get all the access from the internet only.

I hope you all like the article. please comment below and say, whether you have selected it or not. If not, why (reason)?

Thank You

jio fiber set top box
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