Jio Fiber Price and Plans in India [Router + Installation + Speed + Offers]

Jio Fiber Price and Plans: Jio Fiber is rolling out in more than 1600+ cities with massive growth potential across the country, with this hike the other top-level Telecom broadband companies like Airtel Broadband, BSNL Broadband, and other regional Broadband services have slashed their rates from a huge amount.

The company Reliance Jio is ranking in the top five green-field broadband service providers in the present. In the latest news of Jio Fiber, they announced to hit 2 crores home connective subscribers very soon.  The reason for this mounting rapid growth is simple, Jio Fiber offers affordable inexpensive plans to subscribers with high-speed internet connection having light speed download and upload speed without any buffering and slow down hindrance. Here you will get to know the FUP, Data offering & add ons, Plans and Prices, complimentary gifts, Offers, benefits, and much more… 

Jio JigaFiber Price and Plans – Here is everything you need to know, so let’s get started without any further delay. 

Jio Fiber Plans & Price

Jio Fiber is dominating the whole telecom industry with its best plans and price easily affordable to all the users paying heft of money to the other broadband services like Airtel Broadband, MNTL Broadband, BSNL Broadband, Act Fiber Net, and many other commercial service providers. like Airtel is offering internet broadband service at Rs 799/- with a speed of 40 Mbps having the 500 GB add-on bonus data, likewise, MNTL and BSNL also started upgrading their FTTH plans and doing the same to hold the user based. To compete with Jio Fiber’s plans these companies are slashing their rates to the land. In short, the user or the customer is getting benefited from these slashes so we can say Jio Fiber has taken down the broadband service too after capturing the mobility business.

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Jio Fiber Welcome Offers and Benefits

We can avail of the exciting welcome offers and benefits from the official Jio Website or with our MyJio App also. To sum up, Jio JigaFiber is providing the 7 plans category which is named as Bronze Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, Diamond Plan, Diamond Plus, Platinum Plan, and the Titanium Plan ranges from Rs 399/- to Rs 8,499/- Please check the box listed below to get the full overview of the plan details. 

Highlight benefits:

In addition to the high-speed internet connection, each Jio Plan offers domestic voice calling,  Landline Services, TV Video calling, Video Gaming, Set-Top box, Norton antivirus protection up to 5 devices, free subscription of JioSavaan, Jio Cinema, etc. and the first-day first show, Amazon prime membership in premium plans (Platinum & Titanium Plan). To know more Jio Fiber Offers

  • New Connection: Rs 2,500/- One Time Payment in which [Rs 1,500/– is Security Deposit “Refundable” and Rs 1,000/- Installation charges “Non-refundable”.
  • Rs 3,300/ worth Services like Norton Antivirus Security, TV Video Calling, Home Networking Technology, HD Gaming, and OTT Apps subscription.
  • Free Set-Top Box (Rs 6,400/-)  and Jio Home Gateway (Rs 5,000/-) free with the Annual Subscription Plan

Jio Fiber offers various other benefits and quality services to grab the attention of the user or the subscriber and hold him for a lifetime. With this type of exciting offers, no one will make the wrong to leave it from the hand. So if you are interested in Jio Fiber Broadband Service Claim your rewards now they are waiting for you.

Jio GigaFiber Data Annual Plan, 6 Months Plan & 3 Months Plan

At present Jio data plans comes in 3 ways that are Annual Plan, the 6 Months Plan, and the 3 Months Plan depending on the user requirement one can choose the best plan from the box.  The company has also provided to charge the add-on data if the present data has been exhausted in this way one can have the flexibility to use as much as the internet they want. Your internet speed gets slow down which indicates the data is exhausting and you can recharge it from the Official Jio Website or with MyJio App.

So here you can check the all plans available its benefits and offers.

1 Month Plan of Jio Fiber

Jio Fiber’s new broadband plan of 1-month comes with unlimited data benefits and OTT Entertainment application features. The basic plan starts as little as Rs. 399 offering 30 Mbps high-speed internet.

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3 Months Jio JigaFiber Plan Subscription

In the 3 monthly Plan subscription we will get benefits like Home Gateway, Set-Top box, Entertainment OTT application like JIOSAAVN, JIOCINEMA and 25% add-on extra data. please check the chart below to get the full clarity.

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 6 Months Jio GigaFiber Subscription Plan

In the 6-month subscription plan, we will get the same benefits as that of 3 Month Plan (Home Gateway+Set-Top box, subscription to JioSaavn, and Jio Cinema) in addition to that of the user will get 50% extra add on data. please check below to get a full overview.

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Annual Plan Subscription

In the Annual Plan of Jio Fiber, we will get Home gateway + Set-Top Box, Muse 2-6W Bluetooth Speaker Bronze Plan Jio Giga fiber worth Rs 2,499/-, Thump 2- 12W Bluetooth Speaker Silver Plan gio Giga Fibre worth Rs 3,999/-, 60cm (24) HD TV worth Rs 12,990/- Gold Plan gio Giga Fibre 2 year plan, 60cm (24) HD TV worth Rs 12,990/- Diamond Plan gio Giga Fibre,  80cm (32) HD TV worth RS 22,980/- Platinum Plan jio jigafibre, 108cm (43) 4k TV worth Rs 44,990/- Titanium Plan jio jifgafibre. In addition to that users will get 100% data each month, it means double data every month in these plans of jio jigafibre. Please check the list below to have the clear cut clarity.

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Jio JigaFibre Optical Transmission Network

Jio Fiber internet connective framework layout is fully based on Giga Fiber and the Optical Fiber transmission technology. The Optical Fiber transmits the signal with an extremely high speed (Light Speed technology) consequently results in the least transmission loss and we get the best user experience. To sum up in short it uses Optical Fiber technology for transmission which results in High Quality best internet speed.

Gio Giga Fibre Router Specifications and Settings

Gio Giga fiber WiFi router is a multi-purpose-designed device, having the functionality to connect our Laptops, PC, TV with LAN ports. Gio Giga fiber has reached over 1600+ cities in a very little span of time covering all types of users whether it is a home-based control internet system or the individuals. The price is so effective and affordable that one can easily opt for Jio Giga Fiber rather than going for any other option present in the market. Currently, it is dominating the whole broadband service industry with exciting offers, benefits, and quality service that you will be satisfied 100% guaranteed.

A landline connection is given with the help of Jio GigaHub ONT (Optical Network Terminal) in our home or at the workplace to increase the efficiency of work. For the installation

  1. We just have to Pay One Time Subscription charge of Rs 2,500/-
  2.  From that Rs 1,500/- is a security deposit “Refundable” and Rs 1,000/- is Jio Giga Fiber WiFi Router Installation charge “Non-Refundable”.

Jio GigaHub Ports:

jio jiga fibre plans and price

  1. One port is provided to connect the landline
  2. Two USB (Universal Serial Bus) Ports
  3. One Power Source button
  4. Four LAN (Local Area Network) Ports
  5. One WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) button
  6. One PON (Passive Optical Network) button
  7. And one small reset button

These are the ports provided in Jio Jiga Fibre WiFi Router, from that we can connect our electronic devices and enjoy unlimited fastest internet online streaming. So what are you waiting for, grab the opportunity as soon as possible! But before exploring more you must check the availability of Jio GigaFibre in your area. Jio Fiber available cities/areas.

Jio Fiber Customer Care Number

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You can easily contact Jio Jiga Fiber customer support to get clear your doubts and can also comment below, we will be very happy to clear your doubts. All kinds of questions and comments are appreciated.

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Jio customer care se baat karne ka number, our staff team is so supportive and friendly to assist you any time you make a call for us and drop a message.

Jio Jiga Fiber Customer Care Number is 1800-896-9999

For queries Contact Jio GigaFibre at 199

For Complaints Jio GigaFibre Contact at 198

All the plans and benefits are explained very clearly, you can opt for the best option suitable to you as per your needs and requirements. Please let us know in the comments if you have any doubt. Thank You.

Team Jio Fiber

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