JioFiber Offers Double Data Benefits to all JioFiber Plans 2024

Reliance JioFiber Introduces Double Data Benefits to all JioFiber Annual Plans considering the effect of Lockdown the best opportunity to avail ultimate data benefits. Reliance Jio wants to make seamless work from home experience for all the operational users as well as commercial users hence the company is decided to offer double data benefits to all the JioFiber Broadband subscribers. “Work from Home” for professional workers and “Learn from Home” for students is a new trend of Digital India which requires more data benefits and the fastest internet speed to avoid buffering and discontinuation in work.

JioFiber Offers Double Data Benefits to all JioFiber Plans

The JioFiber broadband service is now providing all the facilities you need to connect in the modern era at the best affordable rates in all-fiber plans. However, the company has already clarified these offers and benefits are only accessible in the lockdown period only, after lockdown is removed these offers will be lifted up. Narendra Modi government will update about the Lockdown 5.0 on 31st May 2020.


  • Jio Fiber Double Data Benefits to its annual plan subscriptions
  • Aiming towards the Digital Work from Home India
  • Currently, Jio Fiber has 7 Plans Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Diamond+, Platinum, and Titanium
  • Best opportunity to utilize ultimate broadband connectivity

Jio Fiber Double Data Offers and Benefits – Here is everything you need to know

JioFiber Double Data Benefits all Plans

Jio Fibernet has double benefited all the plans from Bronze to Titanium, the broadband network offers has 6 different plans Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Diamond+, Platinum, and Titanium broadband Giga plans as per the data requirement need, internet speed, and considering other various factors of subscription add-ons.

Jio is revamping the existing plans for both prepaid and broadband services, same as like they come up with work from home plan to their subscribers initially, we have listed all the changes and benefits you can avail, grab this opportunity and mold it in the best way possible.

Jio Fiber Bronze Plan

Jio Fibernet Bronze Plan offers high-speed 350GB internet monthly data with addition to 100GB Double data benefit due to lockdown + introductory data of 50GB + Annual benefit of 100GB. The Bronze Plan is priced at Rs 399/- which offers speed up to 30 Mbps and complimentary JioCinema and JioSaavn subscription for free.

Jio Fiber Silver Plan

Jio Fibernet Silver Plan offers high-speed unlimited 800GB monthly data with an additional 200GB double data benefit due to lockdown+200Gb introductory data+Annual benefit of 200GB. The Jio Fiber Silver Plan is priced at Rs 699/- which has a speed of 100Mbps and also comes with the same complimentary subscription of JioCinema and JioSaavn.

Jio Fibernet Gold Plan

Jio Fiber Gold Plan offers monthly data of 1,750GB at the speed of 150 Mbps with an additional 500Gb Double data benefit due to lockdown+250GB Introductory data. Jio Fiber Giga Gold Plan is priced at Rs 999/- with a complimentary add-0ns subscription to JioCinema, JioSaavn, and OTT Apps for unlimited online surfing, streaming and full-on entertainment.

Jio Fiber Diamond Plan

Jio Fiber Diamond Plan offers monthly data of 4,000GB at the speed of 300 Mbps with an additional 1,250GB double data benefit due to lockdown. Diamond Plan is priced at Rs 1,499/-

Jio Fiber Diamond+ Plan

Jio Fiber Diamond+ is priced at Rs. 2499 per month offering high-speed internet up to 500 Mbps with a bunch of benefits and 12 OTT Apps, voice calling, video calling and much more…

Jio Fiber Platinum Plan

Jio Fiber Giga net Platinum Plan offers a monthly unlimited data of 7,500GB with an additional double data benefit of 2,500GB. Platinum Plan of Jio fiber is priced at Rs 3,999/- provides a high-quality internet speed of 1 Gbps. This plan also comes with a free subscription of OTT Apps.

Jio Fiber Titanium Plan

Jio Fibernet Titanium Plan comes with a monthly data pack of 15,000GB with an additional 5,000GB double data benefit due to lockdown+Plan benefit of 5,00GB. It also offers free subscriptions to OTT Apps and provides high-speed internet at the speed of 1 Gbps. The Titanium Plan of Jio Fiber net is priced at Rs 8,499/-

Jio Fiber Double Data Benefits full Overview

The annual benefits full overview of Jio Fibernet plan with introductory benefits, Annual and Monthly plan benefits, free subscription offer, and high-speed internet of all 6 Jio Fiber Plans, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium.

JioFiber Offers Double Data Benefits to all JioFiber Plans

So what are you waiting for, utilize the opportunity to a great extent, grab and explore the whole internet network with the fastest yet affordable broadband service JioFiber! If you have any doubts, queries, questions..etc. Please let us know in the comment section will try our best to sort out and solve your problem.

JioFiber Offers Double Data Benefits to all JioFiber Plans
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