Jio Fiber Modem Price, Login, Setup, Password 2024

Jio Fiber Moden Wifi Router Settings, Password, Username

Jio Fiber Modem price, login, password, range, setup, and configuration of Jio Fiber optic router: Jio Fiber broadband service connection the sensational vibrating name dominating the present broadband market providing all modern-day facilities from cheap wifi plans with Jio Fiber Modem, WiFi router, Bluetooth speakers, Home Gateway, Jio TV, and other various electronic gadgets a user must have to explore his/her digital life. Reliance Jio offers a bunch of benefits, a lot of freebies, welcome offers, complimentary gifts and much more for the JioFiber subscribers over 600+ channels to stream on Jio Set-Top box, Free subscription to premium OTT and other entertainment applications, JioApps, Free Norton Home Security, Jio Home Gateway and much much more… with this storm of cheap WiFi plans and unlimited data benefits, Jio Fiber gain potential users in a very short span of time. Interested candidates of Jio Fiber broadband service can easily register in offline and online modes. Once you have registered for the service, you will be able to set up Jio Fiber Modem login ID, Jio Fiber password, username, and other configurations.

So here we are going to discuss the Jio Fiber Modem specifications, Jio Fiber Modem price, Jio Fiber Modem login, Jio Fiber Modem range, Jio Fiber Modem features, Jio Fiber Modem light indicators, Jio Fiber Modem SSID Giga router settings and other details of Jio Fiber Modem. Let’s go in-depth and understand all the functionalities, configuration, specifications, indications, and features of Jio Fiber Modem…

What is Jio Fiber Modem?

The basic function of a modem is to just convert analog signals to a digital signal which our computers, laptops, smartphone, or any other electronic smart gadgets understand. In addition, the lat port of Jio Fiber Modem provides a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port which we can use for networking by connecting the hard disk. So the Jio Fiber Modem, WiFi router uses for the best connective internet accessibility.

Jio Fiber modem, WiFi router provides a wall-to-wall proliferation to connect multiple devices and offers 1 Gbps of ultra-high-speed internet connection. To get Jio Fiber connection at your home, for new connection of Jio Fiber broadband user has to pay Rs. 1000 as the installation charges which are “Non-Refundable” and Rs. 1500 towards the security deposit which is “Refundable” you will get this money back when you quit the service.

How to connect Jio Fiber Modem with WiFi Router?

The connection process of a Jio Fiber Modem with WiFi router is pretty simple and quick, with the Jio Fiber Modem you will get LAN (Local Area Network) wire which can be in yellow or white shade color. This LAN cable needs to be connected with a WiFi router to ensure it is operable with the Jio Fiber router. Once these hardware connections are done, you need to configure the software auto settings for the Jio Fiber Modem on your computer to connect and lick modem with the correct IP address of the WiFi router. We have listed simple steps snaps to capture the shots which need to implement for Jio Fiber Modem connection with Jio Fiber WiFi router.

  1. Connect LAN cable (White Shade in the figure below) to the Jio Fiber WiFi router or any other WiFi router in your home

Jio Fiber Modem Price, Login, Setup, Password

2. Connect the other end terminal of the LAN cable to the Jio Fiber Modem. Greenlight shows ON indication of the modem.

Jio Fiber Modem Price, Login, Setup, Password, Jiofiber

Now we have successfully connected the hardware setup of Jio Fiber Modem with the WiFi router. After connecting the Jio Fiber modem we need to set a password, username, and other router configuration.

Jio Fiber Modem WiFi Router Login Details

Like every WiFi router, the Jio Fiber Modem router also comes with username, valid unique IP address, and password as default. This needs to be configured and changed as per the user to make sure it is protected by the authority hackers and malware entrance in our personal wifi router.

jio fiber modem jio fiber modem login jio fiber modem price jio fiber modem green light blinking jio fiber modem red light blinking jio fiber modem range

Jio Fiber modem WiFi router user interface looks similar to this…

[wptb id=528]

It is very important to change this default Jio Fiber modem WiFi router username, password because it is very simple for an external attacker to cross the default firewall security and access all our data.

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How to change JioFiber Router Modem (WiFi/SSID) Password?

You can change JioFiber WiFi router-modem password from the Official Jio Website and MyJio App also. We have discussed both modes here so that you can choose any of them and change your JioFiber default password, username.

Change Jio Fiber WiFi Router Password using MyJio App

Jio Fiber Modem, Jio Fiber, Fiber Jio

  1. Open your MyJio App and select the fiber account
  2. Go to menu and select settings option
  3. Now click on the Sevice settings > My Device and default interface of JioFiber WiFi will appear
  4. Tap on the Advanced Setting option > Personal Section for Jio Fiber router of 2.4 and 5 GHz
  5. Click on SSID/WiFi to change the username and password. Feed new password and username & save
  6. Login to your smartphone, computer, laptops or other electronic gadgets with this new password

Change Jio Fiber WiFi Router Password using Official Jio Website

Jio Fiber Modem, Jio Fiber, Fiber Jio Password Change

  1. Click on the link of Official Jio Website
  2. Tap on the menu and select Jio Fiber
  3. Enter your Jio Fiber service ID, mobile number and tap to generate the OTP
  4. Verify the popup OTP on your registered mobile number
  5. Go to Settings > MyDevice > ONT Advanced Setting
  6. Click on the SSID/WiFi password and update it with your new username and password & save
  7. Login to your electronic gadgets with this new password

This is the simple way by which you can change the wifi router Jio Fiber password, username SSID/WiFi very simple, Right! Jio Fiber modem IP address and other functional configurations are also optimized with settings done in the official Jio Website or MyJio App.

Jio Fiber Modem Price

As said earlier Jio Fiber registration process is free, but for the new connection of Jio Fiber WiFi router-modem user has to pay Rs. 1000 fr the installation and Rs. 1500 towards the security deposit. This is just one-time charges user has to pay in total Rs. 2500/- exclusively.

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Jio Fiber Modem WiFi Router Customer Care Number

If you are facing any issue while changing Jio Fiber SSID, WiFi router password, username, or connecting Jio Fiber modem or having confusion about the Jio Fiber modem light indicators functional operations. Please contact our Jio Fiber customer care number, Jio Fiber WiFi router helpline, contact number to get instant quick assist. Our staff is so supportive and friendly to help you any time just ping us, we will be in your service. Jio Fiber modem customer care, helpline number.

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Still left with any questions! Don’t worry at all, please let us know in the comment section below. We are here to help you as soon as your message, mail us. We will be very happy to assist you. Thank You

Team Jio Fiber

Jio Fiber Moden Wifi Router Settings, Password, Username

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