JioFi Plans, Recharge, Price, Features in India 2024

JioFi Plans, Recharge, Price, Features

What is JioFi? JioFi Recharge, Offers, Price, Best Plans… Reliance Jio has totally flushed out and wiped the whole telecom industry and taken over full dominance with attractive Jio, JioFi, JioFiber plans with only a single infrastructure created under one roof to build a full interdependent ecosystem of different products and services.

Here is a run down compilation of everything you need to about JioFi from JioFi WiFi 4G hotspot router to JioFi features, review, and what is the best recharge you should choose to enjoy seamless ultra-fast-speed internet to experience the digital world.

What is JioFi?

JioFi is a personal WiFi Hotspot connection that allows multiple users to connect their mobile devices, electronic gadgets, Tablets, Smart HD TV, Smartphones, Laptops, etc. to access Jio 4G’s ultra-high-speed internet connectivity. The personal Wi-Fi hotspot LYF-Powered Jio device is easily portable and can connect up to a minimum of 10 devices at a time + 1 USB connection and additional ports to support more connections.

In short, if you remember those days when we used to visit the Fiber Cafe to access the internet and have to pay for the service depending on the number of times duration we used it. In addition, if we want to download something, the owner used to charge extra money. Right! yea…

Ah…well to overcome this Reliance Jio has introduced “Jio Fiber broadband Connection” the fastest yet most affordable broadband connection in India. It offers a bunch of freebies, a lot of benefits, and an additional free subscription with the finest quality internet access. But the portability of this JioFiber broadband connection emerges as an issue for the customers or the subscribers who want to enjoy portable internet experience.

Then Reliance Jio has evolved with the latest emerging technology of the century to enable portable Wi-Fi Hotspot connection “JIOFI” for their customers and subscribers. Jio knows very well what their customers actually need, and what is the best present market need. Yeah!

JioFi WiFi Router 4G Recharge Plans

Reliance Jio has come up with the profitable JioFi router plans easily affordable by all Jio customers/subscribers to experience the finest quality seamless internet access. JioFi recharge plans are the same as that of Jio mobile prepaid plans we do with extra added benefits and offers for JioFi users. The basic JioFi recharge plans start from 1 GB, 1.5 Gb, 2 GB, 3 GB packs per day data availability priced at Rs. 149 to Rs. 2599 only. The long term pack of Rs 4999 offers 350 GB data available for 360 days, once you exhausted 350 GB data then again you have to do the recharge, long term plan doesn’t have daily data renew availability option.

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JioFi Recharge Plan Wi-Fi Router – 1 GB Per Day

This is the most basic and affordable recharge plan of JioFi Wi-Fi personal hotspot connection. If you don’t have much online work and wants to access the internet for moderate online, work, surf, stream, and game. Then 1 GB per day data pack recharge plan of JioFi is for you.

In addition to the flawless internet service, this JioFi Wi-Fi recharge plan also provides Jio to Jio unlimited voice calling, Jio to Non-Jio FUP of 300 minutes plus 100 SMS per day, and complimentary to Jio apps including JioCinema, JioSaavn, JioNews, etc.

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If you do more online work, streaming, surfing, gaming, or another internet of things to explore the digital world. Then go for the other recharge plans of JioFi Wi-Fi described in full detail below. Choose the best one which fulfills all your requirements at the best affordable rate in your budget.

JioFi Recharge Plan Wi-Fi Router – 1.5 GB Per Day

JioFi Wi-Fi 1.5 GB per day offer includes 4 different JioFi recharge plans starting at Rs 199 to Rs 2121 only. The course validity of these JioFi Wi-Fi recharge plans ranges from 28 days, 56 days, 84 days, and 336 days respectively. Apart from the fastest quality seamless internet service the company also provides Jio to Jio unlimited voice calling, variable FUP from Jio to Non-Jio, 100 SMS per day benefit, and complimentary subscription to Jio Apps also.

The most used and popular plan among this JioFi Wi-Fi 1.5 GB per day recharge plan Rs 399 one. It comes with 84GB of total high-speed 4G data with 56 days’ validity.

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JioFi Recharge Plan Wi-Fi Router – 2 GB Per day

JioFi recharge plans of 2GB per day include different plans from Rs. 249, Rs. 444, Rs. 599, Rs 2121, and Rs 2599 with the course validity vary from 28 days to 365 days respectively. The 2 GB daily data pack plan is suitable for you if it requires additional data work. This plan of JioFi Wi-Fi also provides unlimited Jio to Non-Jio voice calling, FUP calling, 100 SMS per day, and complimentary Jio Apps subscription.

If you notice and compare JioFi recharge plans of 1.5GB with JioFi recharge plans of 2 GB, then you will find that there are approximately Rs 50 difference in all the data plans. So by giving or investing just Rs 50 in the plans you will get additional data on a daily basis consistently depending on the type of plan you have chosen. Most people recommend Rs 599/- recharge plan of JioFi or Jio Mobile recharge to get the best digital experience because of the affordable rate and attractive offers.

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JioFi Recharge Dongle Plan Wi-Fi Router – 3GB per day

If you want to enjoy 3GB data per day, then you go for this JioFi recharge plan. The plan comes at 3 different prices includes Rs 401, Rs 999, and Rs 349 with a plan course validity of 28 days and 84 days respectively. The same benefit of Jio to Jio unlimited voice calling and Jio to Non-Jio FUP duration of 1000 minutes & 3000 minutes, 100 SMS per day with complimentary access to Jio Apps.

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Top 5 Best JioFi Recharge Plans

The JioFi plans costs the same as your mobile prepaid basic recharge plans but with more benefits and additional offers for the JioFi users. So, if you are wondering which JioFi plan I have to choose which might offer the best return and results in the good investment of your money. We have carefully searched in detail and taken out the best top 5 JioFi Wi-Fi hotspot router plans for you from the box.

  • Rs. 149/- JioFi recharge Plan
  • Rs. 349/- JioFi recharge Plan
  • Rs. 599/- JioFi recharge Plan
  • Rs. 999/- JioFi recharge Plan
  • Rs. 2399/- JioFie recharge Plan

The JioFi WiFi plans is the same as that of Jio mobile plans we do usually for one month, 3-months, 6-months, or annual plans with additionally data vouchers, benefits and add ons we used to get while using Jio Sim service in our mobiles.

1. Reliance Jio Rs. 149 Plan JioFi Wi-Fi 4G Hotspot Router 

The JioFi Rs. 149 prepaid plan comes with a 24 GB data available for 24 days. Which means you will get 1 GB daily data at 64 Kbps internet speed access. This plan is perfect for you if you want to use a fewer amount of data (1 GB per day). But if you are planning to do your work also with this plan, then it might create a problem for after all the data got exhausted.

In addition to the daily 1 GB data, these plans also come with a Jio to Jio Unlimited voice calling, Jio to Non-Jio FUP (Fair usage Price) of 300 minutes voice calling which means you can also use your JioFi Wi-fi router for calling also if the situation demands. The plans also offer a complimentary subscription to Jio Apps.

2. Reliance Jio Rs 349 JioFi Plan JioFi Wi-Fi 4G Router 

The JioFi plan of Rs. 349 comes with bundled 84 GB ultra-high-speed internet data connection with the validity of 28 days. This means you can avail daily 3 GB high-speed data if you want to experience good quality work from home professional and office work then this plan is suitable for you.

In addition to the internet data service, the plans also offer Jio to Jio unlimited, Jio to Non-Jio FUP of 1000 minutes voice calling, and unlimited SMS (100/day). JioCinema, JioSaavn, and other free subscriptions also come in this plan as a complimentary gift.

3. Reliance Jio Rs. 599 JioFi Plan JioFi Wi-Fi 4G Router 

The JioFi Rs 599 plans come with total data of 168 GB for the course validity of 84 days which means you can access daily 2 GB ultra-fast-high speed internet access. If you want to get a prepaid plan with longer validity and comes with a good amount of daily data limit then you can go with this plan JioFi 4g router. It is the most recommended and subscribed plan of Jio and JioFi because it gives you the freedom to forget about the internet recharge for 3 months and you are good to go to access the finest quality internet experience.

In addition to the internet data, it provides you Jio to Jio unlimited voice calling, Jio to Non-Jio FUP of 3,000 minutes voice calling with unlimited SMS (100/day). If you do this recharge, you will also get the free subscription to entertainment applications JioCinema, JioSaavn, etc.

This is the best and most recommended used plan by every JioFi or Jio users, 3-months good to go. Right! Ah…

4. Reliance Jio Rs. 999 JioFi Plan JioFi WiFi 4G Router

You can go for this JioFi plan if you even need more data for your professional/office/commercial or personal work. The JioFi Rs. 999 plan comes with a total of 252 GB data for the course validity of 84 days which means you will get 3 GB data per day.

This JioFi plans also offers Jio to Jio unlimited voice calling, Jio to Non-Jio FUP of 3000 minutes, and also unlimited SMS (100/day). You can enjoy complimentary access to Jio Apps like JioCinema, JioSaavn, JioNews, etc.

5. Reliance Jio Rs. 2399 JioFi Plan JioFi Wi-Fi 4G Router 

Ahhh…! Need even more and more data, this prepaid plan of JioFi priced at Rs. 2399 is worth the service and quality offer to provide. Jio offers a total of 730 GB data with the plan course validity of 365 days which means you can enjoy daily 2 GB data to experience the digital world.

This offer also comes with complimentary access to Jio services Jio apps to enjoy music, video, and for reading news JioCinema, JioSaavn, JioNews, etc. In addition to the finest quality Wi-Fi router experience, it also provides you unlimited Jio to Jio voice calling, Jio to Non-Jio FUP of 12,000 minutes and 100 SMS per day facility. This is a well-suited one-time investment yearly plan for you to forget about the monthly, quarterly JioFi recharge and good to go for 365-day unlimited experience.

Full detailed overview of the above listed JioFi plans, recharge, price is listed as

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JioFi WiFi router and Jio Plans which offer 1 GB, 1.5 GB, 2 GB, and 3 GB per day starting at Rs 149 only to the ample of plan options for you to select the best plans from the bunch box. Please check out the divisions we have made for you. Once you have invested and became a subscriber of Jio, JioFi Wi-Fi, JioFiber then you will never look backward for other options available in the market.

JioFi 4G Data Vouchers

If you have exhausted full daily data available in your JioFi plan then we can recharge Jio 4G data vouchers to continue our entertainment streaming, surfing, gaming, work without any buffering. The JioFi data vouchers start from as low as Rs 11 to Rs 251. In the table below we have described full details of the JioFi data vouchers, price, data availability. Please have a look

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You can choose any of the JioFi data vouchers in case your available daily data got exhausted. If you haven’t finished off this data you can also use it after renewing the daily data again. The data vouchers don’t have the validity to get exhausted.

JioFi WiFi Features

After getting all the data availability information of JioFi WiFi it is important to know the features and functionality of JioFi with variable specifications. The features of JioFi are listed below, please have a look

  • Seamless 4G Speed: It provides the actual 4G high-speed internet access
  • Best quality internet access: We can stream high-quality videos 1080p and best clarity voice calls
  • Battery backup: JioFi device has a long-lasting and excellent backup with 6-7 hours of continuous usage time (2600 mAH)
  • Best Voice calling: We can experience high definition 4G data and voice calling
  • Device connectivity: 10 devices can be connected with the JioFi WiFi device to avail of the best internet connection access. However, it can connect and allows sharing the internet up to 32 electronic devices.
  • Portability: It is easily portable and super easy to carry anywhere we go
  • Offers: Jio Dhana Dhan offer and much more…

JioFi WiFi – Assured Cashback on JioFi Recharge Plans

Once you have selected the best suitable plan for your JioFi, then comes the part to purchase the plan. But before you purchase to make sure to save your money with Reliance Jio cashback offers on various eCommerce platforms like Paytm, Amazon Pay,  Phone pe, Mobikwik, and Freecharge. Because it says “A Penny Saved is Penny Earned”

JioFi WiFi Paytm offers: To avail of this offer for JioFi recharge plan use code PTMJIO30 to get the flat cashback of Rs 30. This offer is applicable if you pay through Paytm UPI and available for new users, existing users can avail this offer with PTMJIO15 coupon code and get directly a 10% discount. Ahhh…!

JioFi WiFi Amazon Pay Offer: Amazon Pay new users can get assured 50% cashback on shopping vouchers. You can get the cashback of Rs 200 in this offer if you are an existing subscriber of JioFi then you will get Rs. 50 direct cashback with Amazon Pay UPI payment.

JioFi WiFi Phone pe Offer: You can earn a cashback of Rs. 75 on 1st and 3rd recharge of JioFi WiFi. This offer is also available for the new users of Phone pe, scratch and wins the cashback of Rs. 50 directly on your 1st and 3rd recharge of JioFi WiFi recharge, plans.

JioFi WiFi Mobikwik Offer: Get Rs. 100 cashback by using the coupon code JIO50P. This offer is included for both new and existing users, so choose the best plan and avail the super cashback at your JioFi wifi recharge plans. Some of the assured cashback offers and scratch cards are provided for the JioFi login, recharge plans, registration, booking, etc.

Other details of JioFi Wi-Fi Router

Reliance Jio offers feasible and best internet data plans for JioFi users to facilitates the seamless experience and digital entertainment. The aggressive marketing and attractive plans of JioFi stand out alone with full support, trust and user base. Some of the JioFi Wi-Fi router details are

  1. The JioFi device comes with a one battery
  2. The device JioFi also comes with One warranty card, One router, One USB adapter, One USB cable, and One Lithium-ion battery
  3. The connection is wireless and gives you one year warranty

JioFi Frequently Asked Questions

We have found some of the most asked questions by JioFi users and tried to a full answer for your questions, with best clarity, and make sure to get you full informative knowledge.

Where I can buy the JioFi WiFi device?

You can easily get the LYF-JioFi WiFi device at all the Reliance Digital Stores, Dx Mini Store, or get it at the official Jio Website.

What is the cost of the JioFi device?

The cost of the LYF-JioFi Device is Rs. 1999/- only

What are the documents do I need for Jio SIM?

To get the Jio SIM for your LYF-Jio Fi device, you need to have the documents

  1. Aahaar Card
  2. Voter ID card
  3. Driving License
  4. PAN Card
  5. Or any other POA (Proof of Address) or POI (Proof of Identification)

Just get these documents with you to the nearest Reliance Jio Stores, Reliance Digital, Dx mini Store, or Jio retailer and get your Jio SIM for your JioFi device.

Can I customize the JioFi plan according to my needs?

No, this feature of self customization is not available in JioFiber now. Hope it will be available soon, Jio works to resolve all problems occurs for Reliance Jio customer s

 JioFi Customer Care/Help-Line/Support Number

If you have any problem or errors regarding JioFi WiFi connection, settings details, set up, or any other technical issues. Please contact JioFi customer care number, we will provide you an instant quick reply and make sure to solve your query from scratch.

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If you are still left out with a question with you about JioFi, please let us know in the comment section below. We will try our best to configure and answer your question. Thank You.

JioFi Plans, Recharge, Price, Features
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