Jio Fiber Plans Booking, News, Welcome Offers, Registration and much more 2024

Jio Fiber Plans Booking, News, Welcome Offers, Registration and much more

JioFiber Plans, Booking, News, Welcome Offers, Registration, Customer care: Since the time Jio came, it has completely revolutionized the Telecom industry. Jio came up with cheaper free internet calling facilities and later started offering cheap internet and calling services. And that was enough to make the company one of the most used mobile network in India. However, Jio, as a company, is not only stopping at the telecom service. They have plans for DTH and GigaFibernet. However, there are quite a lot of people who are pretty much interested in Jio Giga Fiber. So the question is, what is Jio fiber?

Well, here is everything you need to know, in this article I am going to answer this question only. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time…

What is Jio fiber?

Jio Fiber is a fabric to the home network broadband service coming from Reliance Jio Infocomm, which is a part of the Mukesh Ambani controller Reliance group. The service was first announced as Jio GigaFiber back in 2018. And later, it was renamed as Jio Fiber. Also, Jio Fiber recently seen its commercial launch on September 5, 2019.

However, Jio Fiber is only available in selected cities and states as a trial. And Jio Fiber is promising to deliver broadband services at a speed of 1GB per second, which is really a big deal in India. Also, it is said that Jio Fiber is backed up with a core technology behind the GigaTV platform and the company’s products on the internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

As of now, the Jio Fiber broadband service is only offered at selected locations across the country. And it is called the preview offer. And one can get this preview offer from the company without paying anything to the company. However, in order to obtain the service, the user will have to deposit a refundable security deposit of Rs 2,500 for a 100Mbps and 50Mbps connection. Also, as of now, there is no deadline for the preview offer. And it is expected to end soon.

Jio Fiber Plans Booking, News, Welcome Offers, Registration and much more

With Jio Fiber, the company is going to offer the users a superior internet experience that will allow the users to explore the digital life. JioFiber is a technology that is getting branded as a future technology. And the best part is that it will help you to get the ultimate broadband experience, which will allow you to surf, stream, play games over a high-speed connection.

Also, Jio Fiber is a tough competitor to all the available broadband networks in India. As it offers an ultra-fast upload and download speed. Along with that, you will be getting lower prices. Plus, it is still into the development state, and it is reaching out to the other parts of India. So we are not really sure when the company finally starts offering its broadband service across the whole country.

Moreover, the Jio Fiber service is also intended to offer 4K TV Set Top Box, Free Bluetooth Speakers, Free TVs, and other devices along with the broadband wall to wall services.

Jio Fiber Plans, Price, Offers, Benefits:

Now the question is, what are the Jio Fiber Plans are available in the market? Well, to give you a clear idea here is a chart that you can follow for the complete Jio Fiber Plans:

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 Some Other Points:

  1. New Connection: If you are going to take a new connection, then you will have to make a One Time Payment of Rs. 2500. This includes a security deposit of Rs. 1500 (Refundable) and Rs. 1000 (Non-Refundable) for the installation chargers.
  2. Annual Subscribers: If you subscribe to the Annual plan. Then you will get Jio Home gateway of Rs.5000. Along with that, you will also be getting a Jio 4K Set Top Box, which costs Rs.6,400 free of cost.
  3. A Few More: Finally, you will get a few things extra with Jio Fiber’s plans. This includes a TV Video Calling, Home Networking, Gaming, and Device Security Norton services free of cost. And all of these costs about Rs.3300. Along with that, you will also be getting OTT apps.

Jio Fiber Plan Overview

Jio Fiber has the minimum plan of Rs.399, which is called the Bronze Plan Offer. With this plan, you will be able to access 600 Channels TV Video Calling, landline connection & min. 30 Mbps or maximum 1 Gbps internet connection.

You can also get the service by paying the WIfi router’s one-time deposit fee while paying no subscription amount until the offer gets expired. Also, you will be able to connect to 40 to 45 devices such as mobile phones, smart TVs, laptops, tablets, etc.

In which cities/states Jio Fiber is Available in?

As of now, Jio Fiber is available in 29 cities across India. These cities include:

Jio Fiber Cities List

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Jio Fiber plans, Internet speed, FUP, landline service, more

According to Reliance Jio, the company will offer a total of six prepaid plans for their Jio Fiber. These plans are named as the Bronze (Rs. 399 per month), Silver (Rs. 699 per month), Gold (Rs. 999 per month), Diamond (Rs. 1,499 per month), Diamond+ Plan (Rs. 2,499 per month), Platinum (Rs. 3,999 per month), and Titanium (Rs. 8,499 per month).

Moreover, the Jio Fiber Bronze and Silver plans will also offer a data speed of 100Mbps. And the Gold and Diamond plan will be offering 250Mbps and 500Mbps Internet speed. Also, you should know that both Platinum and Titanium plans will provide 1Gbps data speed.

What’s more? Apart from these plans, the customers will also come with a long-term plan that includes 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans.

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Jio will also offer free extra high-speed data up to 250GB, and it completely depends on the plan initially. Also, this extra data is separated from each plan’s FUP limit. Also, the 1Gbps plans won’t get any extra free data. Furthermore, the company has also said that Jio Fiber’s plans will come with unlimited data download and upload limits. However, there will also be a FUP that is starting with 100GB of the bronze plan. And it will go up to 500GB for the top end Titanium plan.

Jio Fiber Welcome Offer

Reliance Jio also has announced a welcome offer plan for the new Jio Fiber Customers, who will go for the JioForever annual plans.

Through, this welcome plan, the customers will be getting Jio Home Gateway device (worth Rs. 5,000), Jio 4K Set Top Box (worth Rs. 6,400), two months of extra service, and double data. In addition to that, the offer also includes three-month access to Jio Cinema and JioSaavn apps for Bronze subscribers.

For the Silver plan subscribers, there is a three-month subscription available for the OTT apps. And the Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium plan subscribers will get a free annual subscription for OTT apps. However, it is still unclear what OTT apps will be included in the subscription.

Furthermore, JioForever Gold annual plan will also get a free Muse 2 Bluetooth speaker. Similarly, the Silver annual plan subscribers will get Thump 2 Bluetooth speakers. Diamond and Platinum annual plan subscribers will get a free HD TV (different screen sizes for each plan). For the Gold Plan Subscribers, there is a free 24-inch HD TV, but only if they opt for a two-year plan and Titanium annual plan subscribers will get a 43-inch 4K TV.

Plus, the six months plan will also come up with one month of extra service and 50 percent of extra data. And the 3-month plan owners will get 25 percent of extra data.

How to book Jio Fiber connection, installation charges

According to Jio, customers who are interested in the Jio Fiber service can apply for a connection at the company’s website, which is Similarly, the customer can also use the MyJio app for the app.

Jio Fiber Plans Booking, News, Welcome Offers, Registration and much more

If Jio Fiber is available at your location, then a Jio representative will connect with you, and you will get a Book Now option. After that, you will have to follow all the screen instructions, and your request will be stored.

Just 5 clicks to get registered for Jio Fiber Broadband

5 steps to follow 

  1. First, visit the official Jio Website or you can also register with MyJio App
  2. Enter your name, mobile number and click to generate the OTP code
  3. Verify the OTP with the registered mobile number
  4. Enter your personal address where you want to set up Jio Fiber broadband connection
  5. And there you go, Reliance Jio Executive will call you or notified with Email for the appointment and document verification.

It will take only 2 hours to install the setup after your documents (Aadhaar or other ID proofs) are verified. In addition to that, you will also find two options. One of the options is for the new connection and other options if you are going to upgrade your existing Fiber connection. Also, there is a one time charge that needs to be paid. As mentioned earlier, the charge is Rs. Rs. 2,500, out of which Rs. 1,500 will be a refundable security deposit for the Jio router. Rest Rs. 1,000 will be a non-refundable installation charge.

The validity of Jio Fiber preview offer

Since the time Reliance Jio officially launched its Jio Fiber broadband, which was previously known as the JioGigaFiber, the service started to roll out different cities of India. Even it also started selecting customers for their preview offer.

The preview plan was charged at a refundable security deposit of either Rs. 4,500 or Rs. 2,500, depending on the router being issued to them. However, as Jio Fiber’s service went commercial recently, the preview offer subscribers are being notified about the future of the Jio Fiber service for them. Also, there is no more preview offer available as of now.

So if you want to start using Jio Fiber, you will need to get yourself a paid plan only. Also, in case if you are a preview offer owner, then it is said that the company will be reaching out to the preview subscribers individually to let them know of the migration details.

And till then, the preview subscribers can enjoy their Jio Fiber broadband services without any interruptions and free of cost. Also, as the preview offer, customers are in millions of numbers. It is said that migration is going to take some moment.

What is the Jio Home Phone or Jio Fixed Voice?

Jio Home phone or Jio Fixed voice is the brand name for the Jio Landline service, which is coming as a free service along with the Jio Fiber. Also, the voice calls across the board to any operators fixed or mobile would be free. Along with that, Reliance Jio also claims that the calling tariffs would be 1/5th to 1/10th of industry rates. Further, there is an unlimited US/Canada pack at 500 per month.

How to check JioFiber availability in my area?

Finally, the question is How to check JioFiber availability in my area? According to JioFiber, the Jio Fiber broadband service is going to be made available throughout India. And the registration for all the major cities like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Vadodara, Vishakapatnam, and so on will start pretty soon.

To know more about the JioFiber availability in your area

However, as of now, the eligible cities for Jio Fiber is already available on the website. Also, as of now, there are no registrations happening for cities where Jio Fiber is not available. So it would be a good idea to wait for a few months more and see how and when Jio Fiber will be made available to other cities.

Reliance Jio Fiber Customer Care, Toll-Free Helpline & Email ID

If you have any queries, doubts, questions regarding Jio Fiber installation, Wi-Fi router settings, Set-Top Box, or any other problem. You can directly speak to Jio Fiber customer care number, Reliance Jio will give back to you an instant resolution to the queries.

[wptb id=478]


So that was all for What is Jio Fiber and all the details related to it. I hope this has cleared all your questions and doubts. Also, if there is anything you would like to ask. Then do feel free to leave a comment below, and we will surely help you out and solve your query very instant and quickly. 

Jio Fiber Plans Booking, News, Welcome Offers, Registration and much more
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