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Jio Fiber Price & Plans, Jio Fiber Registration, Jio Fiber Connection, Jio Fiber Installation, Jio Fiber Welcome Offers, Jio Fiber Login, Jio Fiber Features, Jio Fiber Franchise/Dealership & Jio Fiber 4k Set-Top Box.

Reliance Jio comes up with JioFiber broadband offering a bunch of benefits, tons of offers, complimentary gifts, and much more to the Jio Fiber subscribers.

Here is a run-down compilation of everything you need to know, please have a look at the complete detailed overview…

Mukesh Ambani The Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) commercially launched the Jio Fiber broadband service on 5th September 2019 for its customers. Jio Giga Fiber is the fastest and most affordable broadband service provider providing the finest quality internet access with ultimate ultra-high-speed internet up to 1 Gbps exclusively. Jio Fiber is the latest technology of future advancement.

Jio Fiber offers a superior quality seamless internet experience to the user to explore the Digital Life. It offers the ultimate broadband experience, fun, enjoyment, entertainment, and excitement for online surfing, streaming, gaming, and work. Jio Fibernet uses Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) latest technology which ensures the wall-to-wall proliferation light speed internet network access without any inferior cable qualities and patches.

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Jio Giga Fiber net beats the rest and kicked aside the traditional service providers in the respective regions like Bharti Airtel Broadband, BSNL Broadband, Access Broadband, ACT Fibernet, etc. and becomes the undisputed market leader because of its ultra-fast download and upload speeds with 100% customer satisfaction trust and faith.

In addition to the finest quality, ultimate broadband internet experience from the user’s Reliance Jio intended to provide a bunch of benefits, tons of offers, frequent compliments, and much more to the Jio Giga Fiber subscribers. Like Jio Fiber welcome offers includes Jio Home Gateway (worth Rs. 5000) plus Jio 4k TV Set-Top Box (worth Rs. 6400), Free Muse Bluetooth Speaker, Full HD TV’s, Free One Year OTT Entertainment Subscription for the Premium Content platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney+Hostar, Netflix, Voot, SonyLIV, JioCinema, JioSaavn, JioNews, etc.

Following the process of Jio Fiber registration/booking is clearly explained which takes a few minutes of yours to get registered for the top-notch broadband service in just a few clicks. For the new connection of Jio Fiber or installation at your home/office user need to pay one-time installation charges and a security deposit. The security deposit is refundable for the Jio Fiber subscribers.

Jio Fiber Plans 

The Optic Fiber technology-based Jio Fiber broadband internet offers lots of advantages over traditional cable operating service providers like… ultra-fast high-speed internet access, the fiber cables don’t need replacement Reliance Jio to upgrade them with the latest technology when it requires, Jio Fiber internet enables flawless UHD Video Services, Unlimited Voice Calling, Video Conferencing, and variety of other camera applications.

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Jio Fiber Plans Overview

Reliance Jio has launched 7 different categorized broadband plans for the Jio Fiber subscribers keeping in view everyone under the sun. Jio Fiber plans are dubbed as the replica of metal names like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Diamond+, Platinum, and Titanium respectively.

The Bronze Plan is priced at Rs. 399 per month offering 30 Mbps of high-speed internet with 100 GB plan benefit data plus 50 GB introductory data and it goes all way up to the Premium Titanium Plan which is priced at Rs. 8499 per month offering 1 Gbps of ultra-high-speed internet with unlimited 5000 GB of plan benefit.

The long term plans of Jio Fiber are classified in 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and Annual plans exclusively from which customers can choose any of the respective plans according to the data requirement need, internet speed, budget in hand and considering other various factors. We have listed all Jio Fiber plans and Jio Fiber forever plans below please have a look.

Jio Fiber 1-month Plan

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Jio Fiber 3-months Plan

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Jio Fiber 6-months Plan

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Jio Fiber Annual Plan or Jio Fiber Forever Plan

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Note: Currenty Jio Fiber plans are Prepaid we planning to launch Jio Fiber Post-paid plans soon

Mukesh Ambani claimed to raise Jio Fiber broadband in the top 5 fixed-line greenfield broadband service providers in India at the 43rd AGM of Reliance Jio. To make it possible and achieve the milestone Mukesh Ambani has invested Rs. 250000 crores for the development and growth of Jio Giga Fiber.

At present, Jio Fiber broadband service is available in 1600+ cities and expanding very rapidly with optic fiber network of 70,000 km connecting 2 crores potential and loyal customers. Reliance Jio has announced to layout 1.1 million km optic fiber cable soon to connect 3 million Jio Fiber subscribers and to make it happen you just need to subscribe for any of the listed plans of Jio Fiber as per your convenience.

Jio Fiber

The plans of Jio Fiber comes with free domestic voice calls, international calling, video conferencing, TV Video Calling, and conferencing, Zero Latency Gaming & VR Experience, Free One Year OTT Entertainment subscription, Home Networking, Norton Security, AR Experience, and much more…

Ultra-High-Speed Internet 

Same as how Reliance Jio bangs the whole mobility business with the launch of Jio Sim back in 2016 with the cheapest internet data access to every individual. It has completely revolutionized the perspective of an Indian user towards the internet. Now with the launch of Jio Fiber Mukesh Ambani going to recreate the history with the destruction in the broadband market.

Earlier telecom mobile sector had put their knees down now the time came for the broadband market. Reliance Jio cracking product “Jio Fiber” becomes the fastest yet most affordable service provider in India ranging its speed from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps exclusively.

Jio 4k Set-Top Box 

The Jio Fiber 4k Set-Top is just like any regular module D2H STB control device but comes with a bundle array of Jio Digital Services. The STB of Jio Fiber acts as a home gateway for streaming, surfing, gaming, and pure Premium High-Quality Entertainment. At the 43rd AGM, Reliance Jio also announced JioTV Plus latest offers, benefits, and disclosure about the single login feature credibility.

Free Voice and Video Calling 

Jio Fiber broadband service allows users to do free national, international, and voice conference calls with the help of broadband service that comes with the Reliance Jio Fiber. Users or customers of Jio Fiber broadband can also enjoy TV video calling and conferencing too.

 Home Networking Automation and Smart Homes 

The broadband system of Jio Fiber deals with a bundle of benefits and latest technology automated features to convert homes into smart homes with light speed exchange, transfer, and share of images, videos, files, etc. with the other connected devices.

 Online Multi-Player Gaming 

The Jio Fiber set-top box comes with an inbuilt gaming console integration. Jio Fiber 4k Set-Top Box supports all types of gaming controllers and allows users to control and take actions with the help of their smartphones. You can enjoy both multiplayer an social gaming with Jio Fiber Zero-Latency Gaming feature.

Like Microsoft’s Xbox or Sony Play Station users of Jio set-top box can also compete with friends, doing online chatting, and video conferencing too.

Smart TV Experience 

With the modern revolution and rapid growth heading towards the convenience of Smart TV. Reliance Jio has also rolled out with ultimate smartest TV’s which you can control and give commands with the voice control remote same like Alexa, Amazon Firestick, Siri, or Google Assistant.

 Virtual Reality Experience 

At the 43rd AGM Reliance Jio announced its Mixed Reality (MR) platform Hoolboard, which integrates and combines the augmented reality with virtual reality. Now Reliance Jio is moving very fast to implement the devices acquired in the majority stake.

 Jio Security 

JioFiber Internet service also allows users to secure and protect their home/office with the installation of CCTV devices/cameras connected to smartphones and tabs at any time. Which makes a bird eagle eye surveillance security to stay connected with the home and office.

 Music and Video Streaming 

As mentioned Reliance Jio offers Premium Content, First-day-first show benefits, OTT Entertainment subscription features to the Jio Fiber users. The OTT platforms are preinstalled in Jio 4k Set-Top Box to stream, watch & listen to soothing music and Premium Content any time with Jio Fiber connection.

 Reliance Jio Product & Services 

Reliance Jio is collaborating with international market-leading companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. to launch the most innovative products and services with the name of Jio Fiber. Latest Reliance Jio has launched JioGlass, JioMeet, JioMart, JioTV Plus at the 43rd AGM. Very soon you will be going to see each individual automated technology control devices launched by Reliance Jio, said Mukesh Ambani.

Jio Fiber Online Booking, Registration Process

Jio Fiber Review

The registration process of Jio Fiber broadband service is extremely simple and quick to grasp. You can do it in two ways online mode and offline mode. For those who have nearby Reliance Digital Store or Jio Store can simply visit and register for the service on the spot and for online registration mode you can simply follow the steps listed below. Please have a look…

Do you know? Online registration can also be done in two ways via the Official Jio Website or MyJio App. If you don’t have MyJio App please get it to download from Google Play Store —> Android users and App Store —> Apple IOS users.

  1. Visit the Official Jio Website or open your MyJio App (Tap on JioFiber at the top left corner)
  2. You will get the Jio Fiber registration interface where you will see “Upgrade Jio Fiber” or “Jio Fiber New Connection”
  3. Select “JioFiber New Connection
  4. Now enter your name, mobile number and tap to generate the OTP (verify the OTP with the pop-up message)
  5. Fill up your personal address, Email ID, Pin Code, Locality, etc. details mentioned over there. Use Google Maps if you are finding difficulty
  6. After filling the required information click on the submit button

Now you have successfully registered for the top-notch broadband service provider to enjoy unlimited bandwidth ultra-high-speed internet access with the finest quality service. Our official Jio Fiber representatives will let you know about the Jio Fiber availability in your area, Jio Fiber connection, Jio Fiber installation, setup configuration, and appointment scheduling soon via SMS or Mail.

Some common questions after registration of JioFiber

The following are the most asked question of our Jio Fiber customers and interested candidates after registering with the Jio Fiber service. We have listed all the queries to make sure you won’t face any problem. Please have a look…

❄ What are the documents required for the Jio Fiber connection? 

After doing the registration process our Official Jio Fiber representatives will come to your home for document verification and your authentication. Once the documents are verified Jio Fiber installation will process. So you are required to have the original

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. or any other valid Proof of Identification (POI) or Proof of Address (POA)

❄ Are there any extra additional charges for the JioFiber connection? 

For the new connection of Jio Fiber, the user has to pay Rs. 1000 for JioFiber WiFi router installation “Non-Refundable” and Rs. 1500 towards the security deposit which is “Refundable

❄ How long it will take to activate the JioFiber connection?  

After the documents get verified it will merely take 2 hours for our professional engineers to activate and install JioFiber at your home/office. You can also change the appointment by contacting the Jio Fiber helpline number support.

Jio Fiber Welcome Offers, Freebies & Benefits

In a nutshell, JioFiber broadband service is an “All in One Solution” to fulfill your all present-day modern-day requirements with full of enjoyment, entertainment, excitement, and fun.

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Jio Fiber’s Welcome offer includes Jio Home Gateway (worth Rs. 5000) plus Jio 4k Set-Top Box (worth Rs. 64000) exclusively in all plans of Jio Fiber annual subscription. The Bronze Plan of Jio Fiber comes with Muse 6W Bluetooth Speaker (worth Rs. 2999), Silver Plan comes with Thump 2 12W Speaker (worth Rs. 3999), Gold Plan and Diamond Plan comes with a 24-inch HD TV (worth Rs. 12,990), the Platinum Plan comes with a 32-inch HD TV (worth Rs. 32,990) and lastly the Titanium Plan subscription comes with a 43-inch 4k LED TV (worth Rs. 44,990) exclusively.

As mentioned in addition to the smart devices Reliance Jio also offers a Free one-year subscription to OTT Entertainment platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Voot, JioApps, ALT Balaji, SonyLIV, etc. with JioTV Plus one time login access to all these platforms feature. Jio 4k Set-Top telecast 600+ TV Channels with pure HD quality premium content entertainment.

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Jio Fiber Voucher Plans

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If you have exhausted the data plan benefit then Reliance Jio has also released a data voucher for the Jio Fiber broadband users. You can get the top up to 2000 GB with this Jio Fiber data voucher plan. As listed the basic voucher plan of Jio Fiber starts from as little as Rs. 101 and goes all way up to Rs. 40001 exclusively.

Preview offer of JioFiber:  Migration Plans are also available for the Jio Fiber users. Customers will get 50 GB plan benefit data at 100 Mbps high-speed internet for the 1 week or 7 days. If you exhaust this preview offer data of 50 GB before 7 days then your internet speed will reduce to 1 Mbps. Utilize it effectively dear customers!

Jio Fiber EMI Offer ?

Jio Fiber

Reliance Jio has now tied up with the major banks of India to provide an EMI option for the Jio Fiber users. Sometimes it happens that we like some plan but we don’t have that much budget in hand to a subscriber for it. This comes as the major problem our customers faced and as you know customer satisfaction is a must when it comes to talking about Reliance.

So we have now a large network of banks connected with us from which you can easily get benefited. It means subscribe for 6-months, annual plans of Jio Fiber or JioFiber Forever plans with monthly recharge payouts. You can avail EMI Option of JioFiber while doing the recharge just select EMI Option and choose credit card as the payment option.

Some questions related to JioFiber EMI Offer

❄ Which JioFiber Plans are eligible for EMI Option?

Jio Fiber Plans like Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium plans are eligible for the JioFiber EMI Option above 6-months plan subscription.

❄ What is the interest of calculation for JioFiber EMI Option?

The interest rate of JioFiber EMI Option varies from bank to bank, you will get the interest calculation during your first payment to the Jio Fiber.

❄ How many time I can avail of this EMI Offer of Jio Fiber? 

There is no restriction and limit on the usage of EMI offer, you can use as many times as you want.

JioFiber Potential and Hike

Do you know: Google has invested Rs. 33,737 crores in JioFiber with 7% stakeholder in Relinace Jio Platform product and services. Mukesh Ambani’s visionary thoughts are implementing with seamless growth and a loyal customer base of JioFiber with this collaboration of Google there will be a drastic change in the evolution of Internet Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Home Automation System.

Reliance Jio’s exciting features and tremendous growth opportunity not only lead to the one side benefit of the customer utilizing ultra-high-speed internet but also leads to the massive job outlets for potential workers, engineers, designers, and marketing industry.

Jio Fiber Growth

The launch of Jio Fiber has certainly created a powerful impact on the thinking and aspects of Indian’s we are the evolution of new modern technology with extra imaginary reasonable thoughts, ideas and Reliance Jio is playing a side role in achieving these beautiful outlets and way how we reach in every corner of the world by sitting at your home.

Upcoming projects and collaboration of Reliance Jio global market leaders make it understand to study the demand and supply of the Indian market which Reliance Jio has completely changed since its launch. When Mukesh Ambani launched Jio Sim back in 2016 no one believes the urge revolution of Telecom Market.

But now you can see today annoying internet speed makes one feel disgusting and thoughts of switching to the other internet service provider. But once you have subscribed to the Reliance Jio you won’t face those types of issues and don’t look for any other alternative option available in the market, we guaranteed you because of customer satisfaction and faith is what we believe to get from your side.

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Jio Fiber Set-Top Box Review

In parallel to the Jio Fiber WiFi router Reliance Jio launch the Jio Fiber Set-top Box which is nothing but an Android-based streaming media player which full fills users’ hobby of telecasting channels in a traditional way. You can operate it with just an HDMI port and experience HD resolution to 4k videos. Now JioTV Plus also comes with a single login feature which ensures light speed switching between the various OTT Entertainment applications and channels. Jio Set-top Box channel list includes 600+ channels.

Jio Fiber Set Top Box

Note: Jio Set-Top Box is not alternative of traditional cable operating Set-top box. It means you need to connect cable for DTH operating cable services

The JioFiber set-top box feature enables the user to control 600+ channels with voice command remote control devices like the same functioning of Amazon Firestick box, HD video calling with the help of a set-top box, and much more features. The special features of Jio Set-top Box include surveillance cameras, Bluetooth speakers connection, smart plugs, thermostats, and other ultimate disclosed features of JioFiber is awaiting for you.

In the upcoming days, we are going to launch more and more offers, benefits, features in Jio Fiber set-top box to make a more powerful and entertaining source for our Jio Fiber subscribers.  The traditional cable operating service providers like DEN, Hathway, GTPL, etc facing huge losses with the launch of Jio Fiber Set-top but Reliance Jio has confirmed that they have taken some of the shares to become a shareholder of these companies and by this Jio Fiber Set-Top Box can support to thousands of other cable operating services too.

The installation process of Jio Fiber 4k Set-Top Box is simple if you are getting some sort of trouble or technical issue in connection with the Set-Top Box just contact the Jio Fiber helpline number listed below. Contact Jio Set Top Box customer care number to get instant assist and quick reply or you can also visit Jio Fiber’s official site too.

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Jio Fiber Franchise/Dealership or Distributorship 2020

As you know JioFiber broadband is expanding very rapidly in every area, city, state, district of our country. The top-level international global market-leading companies Google, Facebook, QIA, etc. investing in JioFiber. Then it indicates only one sign to apply or take the JioFiber Franchise/Dealership or Distributorship in your area and be a part of a multinational billion-dollar company in extending our branch with the cheapest internet service finest quality service and ultra-high-speed internet up to 1 Gbps.

Jio Fiber Franchise

The candidates interested in Jio Fiber Franchise needs to have a base setup of 2500sq area and Rs. 3,00,000-5,00,000 of investment in the hand.

The documents must be required for JioFiber Franchise/Distributorship or Dealership includes…

✔ You must need to have electricity bill and address proof

✔ You must have an e-KYC activation

✔ You must have an Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card Xerox

✔ You must need to have 2 passport size photos for JioFiber Dealership

There are also some requirements like at least 10 workers employed, a good reputation in the market, skills of disturbing, etc. which you can read by the following referral. If you are accomplishing everything that Relinace Jio demands from you then there will be a high chance of allotting different products & services distributorship/franchise of Reliance Jio. We must say keep going!

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Jio Fiber Offers, Benefits, & Surprises in 2021?

✅ Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of the modern digitalized world which Reliance Jio is targetting to connect with the help of All Jio Platforms ultimate high-speed internet as per the stats nearly 1 billion will gain benefit from Reliance Jio

✅ Free Muse Bluetooth Speaker, 32 inches, 43 inches HD TV, Jio Home Gateway, Jio 4k Set-Top Box, Tv Video calling, Video Conferencing, Unlimited Domestic and International voice calling

Free One year OTT Entertainment Subscription of successful platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, Voot, JioCinema, JioSaavn, JioTV Plus, ALT Balaji, and much more…

✅ TV Video calling feature support, voice calling, video conferencing, etc.

✅ At present JioFiber broadband is widely spread across 1600+ cities all over India with 2 crores potential and loyal customer base and planning to reach 3 million subscribers soon.

✅ Reliance Jio Fiber has announced Educational and Entertainment Mixed Reality (MR) combines and integrates with the Virtual Reality (VR) plus Augmented Reality (AR) —-> MR=AR+VR

✅ First-day-first show benefit and the Premium Content feature is available from Diamond, Platinum and Titanium Plans of Jio Fiber

✅ You can watch the latest released movie on the same day at home with Jio Fiber First-day-first show benefit

✅ Home-based Automation, High-Security Surveillance, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Entertainment, Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), etc. are the next aspect milestones of Reliance Jio which is going to be achieved soon

✅ You will be shocked to know that the Optic fiber cable layout by Reliance Jio can encircle the Earth 11 times now with 70,000 km  network of Fiber optic connecting 2 crores subscribers

✅ The “Bundled Pack Plan of Jio Fiber” offers an ultimate subscription with an IoT controller device to control all Digital Smart Devices of upcoming technology like Electric Vehicles (EV’s), Kitchen Appliances, Surveillance Security Cameras,  Smart TV, Charging Ports and much more…

✅ The base starter plan of Jio Fiber is a Bronze Plan which is priced as little as Rs. 699 per month offering high-speed internet up to 100 Mbps

✅ The Premium plan of Jio Fiber is Titanium Plan which is priced at Rs. 8499 per month offering ultra-high-speed internet up to 1 Gbps. Yes, you got it right! Up to 1 Gbps directly to your home/office just imagine

✅ Jio Fiber Set-Top Box is capable of accepting all cable operating service provider connection who works with Hathway, DEN, GTPL, Dish, etc. because  Reliance Jio has made an announcement that they are now stakeholder of these companies. So no need to worry about the switching headache now!

✅ Jio Fiber broadband WiFi internet connection is an “All in One Solution” for all your requirements today to explore the Digital World.

Jio Fiber Router Login, (WiFi/SSID) Password

Jio Fiber Router

By default JioFiber WiFi router login details, Jio FTTH is set to default which you need to change for the better performance of your Fibernet connection and make it protected from external suspicious malware, antivirus, and hackers. The internal specification IP address need to configure for the Jio Fiber WiFi/SSID password, Jio Fiber service ID and username alteration. The default specifications are listed below please have a look…

[wptb id=528]

At a time Jio Fiber WiFi router can connect up to 40 devices which include smartphones, laptops, TVs, and other smart gadgets. However more the devices are connected to our Jio fiber WiFi router lesser the speed it gonna offers and provide. So we need to keep secure & protect our devices by changing the default WiFi/SSID password from Jio Fiber router login.

Some of the ways which you can adopt to secure your Jio Fiber connection include…

 Hide your SSID (WiFi username) publicly there will be fewer chances of been hacked

✔ Never share your SSID (WiFi password) with unknown persons

✔ Keep changing your password at regular intervals

✔ Make your password unique consisting alphanumeric with more than 10 digits like “JioFiber@123

Some common questions related to JioFiber (SSID/WiFi) router login 

❄How should I know how many devices are connected to my Jio Home Gateway? 

This is a very important and keen observation you need to look forward to securing the JioFiber Home Gateway connection. So all connected devices to your Jio Fiber WiFi router can be viewed from

MyJio > Settings > My Device

Note: Another thing is that you will get SMS whenever a new device connected to your Jio Home Gateway or trying to access the Jio fiber SSID/WiFi password. Interesting right!

❄ How can I block/unblock/delete/Add any user from my Jio Fiber WiFi router?

To manage these settings of adding, deleting, blocking and unblocking any user from Jio Fiber Home Gateway you need to follow the path

MyJio App  > Settings > MyDevice > Router Details

From here you can vary and make the decision to add/delete/block/unblock any user from Jio Jiga Fiber router WiFi.

❄ How to hide Jio Fiber router login, WiFi/SSID username?

To execute Jio Fiber username, Wifi/SSID hiding process you need to follow the steps

MyJio > Settings > MyDevice > Advanced Settings > Click to Hide/unhide

To know more about the Jio Fiber router login details, changing WiFi/SSID username, password, and how to make your Jio Fiber account more secure and protected. Please have a look at

Read | Jio Fiber Router Login IP, (WiFi/SSID), Password, Secure Account 

Please read this article for sure to make your account protected and extremely secure by any authority hackers and suspicious inactivity. Don’t forget it is a must!

Jio Fiber Broadband v/s other Broadbands

As we all know since the launch of Jio Fiber broadband in the market it has completely revolutionized the perspective and demand of internet data usage. Tons of business and people came forward and showcase their talents, skills, productibility, and art. There is no doubt JioFiber is the fastest yet most affordable best broadband service provider in India at present. Jio Fiber benefits, Jio Fiber freebies, Jio Fiber data plans, Jio Fiber download, & upload speed, Jio Fiber Enterprise, Jio Fiber booking is extremely simple and easy to follow for anyone out there.

Jio Fiber Vs Other Broadband

Jio Fiber broadband also gives the option to select from any of the 6 different plans from the Jio GigaFiber price list suitable to fulfill there data requirement need, internet speed, and considering other factors. In a nutshell, Jio Fiber Internet Plans are best to opt to experience the superior quality internet online streaming, flawless surfing, professional gaming, and non-stop work.

Bharti Airtel’s broadband “Xstream” plans are dubbed as Basic Plan, Entertainment Plan, Premium Plan, and VIP Plan. The base plan is priced at Rs. 799 per month offering 100 Mbps internet speed with 150 GB data plan benefit whereas the base plan of the Jio Fiber Bronze Plan is priced as little as Rs. 699 per month with high-speed internet up to 100 Mbps and comes in parallel with a bunch of benefits, tons of offers, a lot of freebies, and much more…

[wptb id=1716]

BSNL Bharat Broadband starting plan is priced at Rs. 777 per month offering 50 Mbps of internet speed with 500 GB data cap. After the certain data limit exhausted the internet speed reduced to 2 Mbps. You can refer all BSNL Broadband Plans from here

Act Fibernet Broadband is available in most cities of India which offers up to 1 Gbps of ultra-high-speed internet too. The ACT Fibernet broadband plans differ from city to city that offers more ISP, Service Fee, and FUP. The base starting price of Act Fiber net broadband plan A-Max is priced at Rs. 700 per month offering 50 Mbps of internet speed and 500 GB broadband data.

At present ACT Fiber broadband is available in Chennai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Tirupati, Madurai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kakinada, Jaipur, Rajamudhry, Nellore, and Guntur. You can check the complete list and full details of Act Fiber net broadband here

So looking at all the stats, Jio Fiber broadband is the most anticipated, cheapest, and affordable internet service provider at present. Offering ultra-high speed with complimentary benefits so if you’re out in the market and searching for the finest quality topnotch broadband service provider in your area, city, district, or state JIO FIBER is the professionally recommended option for you. You will never regret this service once subscribed.

Jio Fiber Price & Plans in India 2020

Get Jio Fiber connection to avail offers like 4k TV with Jio Fiber, Relinace 4k TV, Jio Fiber Wifi, at most affordable effective and efficient Reliance Jio GigaFiber broadband plans or Reliance broadband plans. Jio Fiber to home quality service and trustworthy support of our loyal customers makes us dominate the whole broadband market within a very short span of time. Thanks to Jio Fiber subscribers for believing in Reliance Fiber and supporting us.

Jio Fiber Price And Plans

In 2020 Reliance Giga Fiber will provide and offer almost all offers, benefits, freebies to our Fibernet customers. Jio Giga fiber price and plans list all Fibernet Jio plans classified especially for all types of interested candidates in Jio Fiber net. Jio Fiber Price is set very low and optimum as little as Rs. 699 per month because we want every individual candidate in our country to explore the digital world at the best price.

You will be shocked and surprised after checking Jio Fiber speed which limits ultimately up to 1 Gbps. Jio Optical Fiber connection ensures lighting speed internet access to the Jio WiFi Fiber customers. Jio Fiber Welcome offer price comes with free Jio Home Gateway plus Jio 4k Set-Top Box (worth Rs. 5000+6400) exclusively.

Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Plans Hindi

[wptb id=1418]

These are the listed plans of Jio Fiber in Hindi from which you can handpick the most suitable best plan for you. Jio Giga Fiber plans price in Hindi are also dubbed as ब्रॉन्ज प्लान, सिल्वर प्लान, गोल्ड प्लान, डायमंड प्लान, प्लैटिनम प्लान, & टाइटैनियम प्लान| So these are the Reliance Jio Fiber broadband plans in Hindi or Giga Fiber Jio Plans in Hindi.

The price, offers, benefits, freebies everything is displayed with Jio Fiber official. Reliance Jio TV Plans will be available with the Jio Set-top Box along with Jio Fiber free 4k Tv.

Jio Fiber Prepaid Plans

At present, there are 7 different categorized Jio Fiber plans or Jio Fiber Prepaid Plans or Tariff Plans

  1. Jio Fiber Bronze Plan
  2. Jio Fiber Silver Plan
  3. Jio Fiber Gold Plan
  4. Jio Fiber Diamond Plan
  5. Jio Fiber Diamond+
  6. Jio Fiber Platinum Plan and 
  7. Jio Fiber Titanium Plan

Since the launch of Jio Fiber, it has completely smashed the shares of DTH, Telcom, Broadband operating service providers. The visionary long-term thinking of Mukesh Ambani leads to the way of modern digitalized India. The whole world is in shock observing the behavior and talent showcase of Indians after Jio’s launch in 2016.

You can easily understand my point with Youtube, Reliance Jio is the only reason TSeries has become the most subscribed channel of YouTube beating Pewdiepie after Jio launch like this there are many examples which you observe in your surroundings and yourself too. Right!

The installation of Jio Fiber is just Rs. 1000 for new users and Rs. 1500 towards the security deposit which will be refunded once you quit the service. Which you will never think of it because of the worth quality service. Free Jio Home Gateway plus Jio 4k Set-Top Box, Zero Latency Gaming & VR experience, Unlimited Voice Calling, Video Calling, TV Video Conferencing, and much more waiting for you if haven’t subscribed for Jio Fiber Plans in India 2020.

Jio Fiber Important Dates

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) module latest technology makes use of an optic fiber cable network for Jio Fiber connection. The network connects miles of km with a single wire cable connection that provides light-speed ultimate fast high-speed internet you won’t imagine.

Do you know: The connection done at your home/office of Jio Fiber is done with a single wire optic cable that gets your home/office decor to remain unaffected and unchanged.

[wptb id=1193]

With Jio Fiber connection at your home/office, you are good to go for anything from basic DTH operator service providers to the in-depth exploration of IoT, AI, MR, and many things.  The killing ultimate broadband speed and frequently coming offers will keep you stick with our Jio Fiber plans.

There are many things which going to happen in the near future with the launch and innovation of the latest offers and technology, said Mukesh Ambani. As more and more subscribers are connecting with us, we are becoming more and more powerful to explore this Digital World in a Digital way with the help of Digital Jio LYF.

Jio Fiber Features?

In addition to the ultimate quality ultra-high-speed internet service Reliance Jio also jumped in DTH (Direct-to-Home) TV Distributors market. Which is know as Jio 4k Set-Top-Box service by Reliance Jio offering Jio TV, Jio Home Gateway, Jio HomeTV, Jio HD TV, etc. combining the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Reliance Jio is trying to create a tech-driven for both operational as well as home users. Because of the outstanding internet experience and quality support any time you ping us, every individual wants to experience Jio Fiber ultra-high-speed ultimate broadband connection with tons of offers, a bunch of benefits, and much more…

Jio Fiber Gaming

We have listed all Jio Fiber features & offers below, please have a look at all the various Jio Fiber complimentary benefits and seamless facilities with Giga Fiber Jio net. Jio Fiber preview offer and mind-blowing feature, benefits of Jio Intenet plans for the home.

✅ Hassle-Free Installation: Once you have registered for the Jio Fiber broadband service our official Jio Fiber representatives will let you know about everything that needs to follow. Our professional technical team support provides you hassle-free router installation and setup configuration.

✅ Tons of offers: Along with ultimate broadband high-speed internet features like Zero Latency & Gaming VR Experience, Norton Device Security up to 5 devices, Jio 4k Set-Top Box, OTT Entertainment Subscription, etc. make Jio Fiber more feasible and likely among all broadband service providers present in India.

✅ Ultimate High-Speed: Speed is the major and main reason for Jio Fiber’s popularity and trust in the market. It sounds good when some service provider says we offer high-speed internet up to 1 Gbps. But to get the actual experience of 1 Gbps ultra-high-speed internet you must have to use Jio Fiber to get the actual taste and experience of 1 Gbps internet connection feasibility.

For instance, if you download films, shows, movies, files, etc, on other service provider internet it will take surely several minutes to complete the process but with Jio Fiber high-speed internet it will merely take seconds to give the output, words of our millions of subscribers.

✅ Optic Fiber Technology: Users can get the most reliable and effective broadband internet connection facility with our Jio Fiber service based on Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) module latest technology. These plan benefits are bundled with the ultimate broadband internet and a bunch of complimentary freebies.

 Multiple Device Connection: This is also one of the main advantages of Jio Fiber’s trust and assurance among the people. Jio Fiber router can connect 40+ devices which include laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, etc If the number of devices is increased Jio Fiber router will handle all the load and provide each device with the same quality internet it requires. This is the best specialty of Jio Fiber WiFi Router.

✅ Jio 4k Set-Top Box: Reliance Jio offers voice calling features on similar devices like smartphones, tablets, tabs, and other smart TVs with a Jio Fiber video conferencing facility. It can operate on a voice command enabled in remote control similar to how Amazon Firestick, Google Assistant, Apple Siri works. Jio Fiber users can enjoy video calling/voice calling/video conferencing and much more on the Jio 4k set-top Box.

 Jio Fiber Recharge Online: When your existing Jio Fiber plan got exhausted it is very simple and quick to again recharge for the Jio Fiber online. It just requires your KYC account just to make the process go feasible and there you go with the new recharge of Jio Fiber.

✅ Premium Content: Jio Fiber broadband internet connection comes in parallel with the Free one-year subscription to OTT Entertainment applications like Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, SonyLIV, ALT Balaji, Voot, Jio Saavn, JioTV Plus, Sun TV, etc. Jio Fiber users can enjoy premium content and First-day-first show benefit, sports, and much more…

Jio Cable TV

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) introduced a parallel media streaming device that works on smart technology which is Jio Cable TV. You can get Jio Cable TV with a subscription plan of DTH or cable fiber. Jio cable TV telecasts 600+ channels that can be controlled with a voice control embedded in a remote microphone control device. Jio Cable TV can be used to set up voice calling, video calling, video conferencing on TV with the help of set-top box control with these smart features.

Because of these smart home solutions of the digitalized modern world, massive users are converting and switching to Jio Giga Fiber broadband service in India. Jio Cable TV offers tons of benefits and a bunch of offers to the users with a lot of freebies must require to explore Digital Life. If you have subscribed for any of the Jio Fiber plans then Jio Cable TV also comes along with it.

Jio Fiber Cable Tv

Above all the special features of Jio Cable TV includes smart plugs, smart TVs, thermostats, surveillance cameras, Reliance Smart applications, Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and featured IoT (Internet of Things) uses.

The Jio Fiber Home Gateway, Jio Fiber Hathway, and Jio Fiber set-top box ultimate features make the user enjoy HD/4k streaming with full-on entertainment, excitement, fun, and much more. So if you also want to be among Jio Fiber subscribers the just go to Jio Fiber online registration portal and subscribe for the service. Isn’t this is so simple and sarcastic!

Most importantly Reliance Jio annual plan subscription comes with Jio Fiber 4k TV (Jio Fibernet TV, Reliance Jio 4k TV, Jio GigaFiber 4k TV, Jio Fiber with 4k TV, Jio Fiber Free 4k TV, Reliance Fibre TV, Jio HD 4k TV, Reliance Jio 4k TV offer, etc.) with Jio Fibernet offered Jio TV plans included in JioTV Plus with premium content entertainment.

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Please check those posts to more about the Jio Fiber Home Gateway, Jio Fiber Double Data plan benefits which you can avail, and get the utmost entertaining experience of Jio Fiber online WiFi internet.

Jio Fiber Review?

If we talk about the Jio Fiber Review then it has done a magnificently amazing job to gain the trust and faith in Jio Fiber’s broadband service. Reliance Jio is providing excellent service so far to the Jio subscribers by investing billions of dollars and launching frequently additional complimentary benefits.

Jio Fiber subscribers are extremely happy and recommending everyone Jio Fiber broadband service because of the ultra-high-speed internet service as mentioned and customer-friendly environment to solve any technical related, queries, questions, and doubts with our professional experts quickly.

Jio Fiber Review Jio Fiber

Do you know? There are lakhs of people waiting for the Jio Fiber broadband connection in their locality to experience Reliance Jio broadband. And yes, Jio Fiber broadband is expanding very rapidly in every area, city, district, and state to provide every individual with the best quality Wifi internet service at the best price.

One major thing that differentiates Jio Fiber broadband and other broadband service providers are that you are getting prepaid plans in Jio Fiber. You just need to do Jio Fiber recharge online and starts using the internet, it will be absolutely fine if you are not using your internet regularly. Like if you are a traveler and change your destination time to time then you can easily subscribe to a monthly plan and there will be no monthly bill payment which drops like a bomb like what the other broadband operators do.

Simply it means you will not have to pay for the time duration you aren’t using Jio Fiber broadband and missed bills won’t disconnect your connection too. You can simply manage your Jio Fiber WiFi router connection by logging into the accounts > Device settings.

Along with the outer service benefits you will be also gettings a lot of subscriptions with a Jio Fiber connection, a Free set-Top Box, Jio Home Gateway which you can connect with the TV to access Hotstar, Disney, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. on the same network. And I mentioned earlier also the login ID can be used to switch between other OTT platforms too. In parallel, you will be also getting Norton Device Security which can protect and secure up to 5 devices.

With the benefit and features, we offer like the First-day-first show, Premium Content on the released date itself makes most people gone mad and crazy about the Jio Fiber broadband subscription. Just think how much money, time, and other extra additional things you can save with just one subscription of Jio Fiber at your home.

Reliance Jio is collaborating with more and more companies to innovate modern digitalized latest products & services which makes humans explore more and take one step further towards the Digital World. The company has invested much in Jio Fiber to gain trust and build a reputation in the broadband market. Mukesh Ambani has already played business tactics back in 2016 with Jio Sim and we all know the result.

For instance, Reliance Jio was in a huge loss but after making everyone dependent on Jio’s internet the company Reliance Jio has regained all investment within the span of 3 years. Is it so interesting, right! This is what we called visionary thinking which enables us to build the Empire of Reliance Jio.

So after conducting the survey, reviewing Jio Fiber broadband service by own, getting people’s thoughts, comparing Jio Fiber with other broadband networks. We have come to the result of the Jio Fiber Review given out of 5 stars. What you think about the Jio Fiber Review, service, experience please comment down below. We will update stay tuned.

Jio Fiber Review

So what are you waiting for, just select a plan and get subscribed for the Jio Fiber broadband service now. You will never regret this decision because of the finest quality service to your home at the best price.

Jio Fiber Customer Care & Helpline Number

Reliance Jio provides professional customer support to the Jio Fiber subscribers and interested users. The staff is so supportive and user friendly to solve any problem clicking to your mind perfectly. If you any queries, questions, doubts, complaints regarding Jio Fiber installation, WiFi Router installation, Jio Home Gateway, Set-top box configuration, or any other technical problem.

Jio Fiber Customer Care

Please contact Jio Fiber’s customer care number or Jio Fiber helpline number. We will definitely make sure to solve your query from scratch and let you go with a peaceful mind. Our Jio Fiber customer care experts are available 24/7 for your service. So don’t hesitate to make a call to solve your query.

☎ Jio Fiber Customer Care Number – 1800 889 99999

☎ Jio Fiber WhatsApp Customer Care – 7000870008

☎ Jio Fiber New Connection CC – 1800 889 9999 

✉ Jio Fiber Email Support –

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If you need more info about the Jio Fiber Customer support, helpline number of JioFiber, or technical assist. Please go to…

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Jio Fiber Cities List

Jio Fiber broadband is rapidly expanding its branches in each and every area, city, district, and state of our country India. The franchise, dealership, or distributorship of Jio Fiber going to provide for the suitable candidate of the area for the Jio Fiber connection. You will be shocked to know that at present Jio Fiber is available in 1600+ cities will all happy customers.

Mukesh Ambani the Chairman and Managing Director of RIL announced to raise the capital of Rs. 250000 crores investment in Jio Fiber growth and development seeking its hike. The single wire Fiber Optic cable is going to lay down which ensures light speed ultra-high-speed internet in an area with the wall-to-wall proliferation so that each customer can enjoy zero buffering internet experience. Reliance Jio broadband internet connection is the best.

Jio Fiber Cities

Jio Fiber States: Some of the Jio Fiber eligible and available States includes Karnataka, Telengana, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Himachal Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Assam, etc. All 29 states will be covered in Jio Fiber broadband.

Jio Fiber CitiesSome of the available and eligible Jio Fiber cities includes Hyderabad, Bhopal, Delhi, Bangalore, Surat, Varanasi, Mahbubnagar, Roorkee, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Faridabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon, etc. All metropolitan cities, areas will be covered soon under the Jio Fiber broadband WiFi service connection.

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ReadJio Fiber Cities 

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These are the listed Jio Fiber cities, if you have found your city too on the list just go and get subscribe for the Jio Fiber or else you can do one more thing by registering at the official Jio Website and our representatives will let you know about the availability Giga Fiber Jio net in your area.

In a nutshell or to sum up in short, Jio Fiber broadband is the best broadband service provider you are going to get at the best price. So Jio Fiber broadband has commercially rolled out now it’s your turn to opt for the service and experience your self the quality we offer in our plans.

Reliance Jio platform, Jio Products & Services are available for you to reach out as much as you can with in-depth knowledge, exploration, thinking, imagination, vision, innovations, and an idea that can make you omnipresent at each and every corner of this world. Reliance Jio is here for you to come and explore more.

Thanks to Reliance Jio ?

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