Are Smartwatches Worth It Buying in 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Should I buy smartwatch or nomal watch, is smartwatch good for health, are smartwatches worth it?

There are tons of questions that clicks in your mind while you are going to make a decision or thinking to get a brand new smartwatch, right! But the question remains the same, Is smartwatch worth buying?

So, if you also searching for that answer everywhere whether you should go with a smartwatch or a normal traditional watch, then you have landed to the right post as here we have listed out everything which you should be keeping in your mind before you finalise the decision of getting a smartwatch on your wrist.

Without any further delay let’s get started…

Are Smartwatches Worth It

With the development of technology and the evolution of smartphones, the smartwatches or smart bands are something which is just booming all around and people got crazy for it to have it on their wrist… most of us have already witnessed it. But why would you need something to tell you the time, notification, call and all when your phone is working perfectly?

Should I buy smartwatch or nomal watch, is smartwatch good for health, are smartwatches worth it?

However, as smartphones evolve and compete with each other, watches have evolved to the point where they are now smartwatches to keep up with smartwatch intelligence.

But it the question remains the same, are smartwatches worth it, should I go for it or not?

So, there are some ticks and check points which you need to go through with to make the best decision of buying or leaving the smartwatch. But did you know exactly snartwatch is?

What Is A Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are the descendants of grandfather’s wristwatches. Today, these smartwatches look more like small laptops than devices that only tell the time.

To accommodate today’s digital generation, smartwatch functionality has become more complex. Smartwatches can now do more than just tell the time.

The sales of smartwatches are just booming the whole wearable market and just whooping all round with each an increment of 25% sales growth. More than a billion of smartwatches are sold out every and that is increasing at rapid speed.

Some important tasks and features smartwatches have are…

Should I buy smartwatch or nomal watch, is smartwatch good for health, are smartwatches worth it?

  1. Tells you the time
  2. Can double as a GPS tracking device
  3. It will also help you translate foreign languages
  4. Allows you to play games
  5. A smartwatch can work as a fitness tracker
  6. Connects to other mobile devices
  7. It functions as a media player
  8. You can take photos
  9. A smartwatch doubles as an altimeter
  10. It makes for a great compass
  11. A smart wrist-watch can be an accelerometer
  12. Your speaker on the go
  13. Smartwatch as a phone
  14. Take your temperature anywhere
  15. Indoor or Outdoor Barometer and many more… 

Now let’s look out some disadvantages of smartwatches which you should be noting down. Choosing a best smartwatch is very important as you are putting your money to get it and you must be equipped with the best watch with all the advanced features.

Disadvantges of smartwatches

These are some most common and very crucial disadvantages of smartwatches so check them out completely to make your mind before finalizing the decision of getting a smartwatch or not.

If you are okay and satisfies with the disadvantages of below listed smartwatch or can handle or not have any problem with them, then you can happily go with the flow of buying a smartwatch for yourself.

1. The first and most obvious is the screen size. With smartwatches, companies struggle to create bigger screens and better information. However, the screen size you can get with a smartwatch is limited.

2. Another problem with smartwatches is the increasingly small power. Most of the smartwatch users complain about the poor battery life of their devices.

3. This is the most important and common problem we forgot to see, which is. Smartwatch is smart with your phone only, if you don’t have your smartphone with you, then it’s not a smartwatch, it’s digital watch with some extra added features. So, you need to carry your smartphone every where all around.

If you are ready and happy with the above listed points, then you make your mind and go with the flow of getting a smartwatch for you.

Make sure you have got the features listed below in your smartwatch, then only it will be called as smartwatch.

1. Heart Rate monitoring

2. Sleep Tracking

3. Sports Tracking

4. GPS for Tracking Distance and Speed

5. Smart Notifications

6. Offline Music support

7. Telling time

8. Contactless Payment

9. Calling directly from the Smartwatch

10. Navigation

11. Blood pressure measurement etc. 

But should have at least these features to be called it as smartwatch.

So, that’s all for the are smartwatches worth it? You can easily make the decision by yourself and come to a point whether you should go for it or not. Should I buy smartwatch or nomal watch, is smartwatch good for health, are smartwatches worth it?

Hope you have definitely like the post as much as we do sharing it with you, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members who are thinking and making their mind to buy a smartwatch.

Thank You 🙂

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