7 Best App for Mutual Fund in 2024 [Must Read]

Best mutual fund app in India, Zerodha mutual fund app, best app for SIP investment, best mutual fund investment platform India, best app for mutual fund: Nowadays who doesn’t know about mutual funds, if you still don’t know then my friend you are par from this world. Agressive marketing tactics with high networth individual and celebrities has promoted a lot to make people aware about the mutual funds which was just a investment opportunity for rich people that some years back.

Mobile and internet revolution has given immense boost to the retail investment in Indian market and make the investing very easy and convenient thanks to the apps which make paperless documentation and approval process.

In just few clicks you can kick start your investment journey and grow your wealth multifolds by investing and choosing the best fund as per your risk taking ability and capacity.

I will also repeat the most famous jargon which you might have also heard about, “Mutual funds are subjected to market risk, read all the scheme related documents carefully before investing”.

With that let’s dive in and explore the best app for mutual fund in India from where you can kick start your investing journey.

Best App for Mutual Fund

With a tons of apps available in the market nowadays it is very hectic to find the best app out from the box which provides hassle free experience to it’s users.

Mutual funds allow you to manage risk by diversifying your money. It also offers tax benefits. Moreover, the funds are managed by experts who have an in-depth knowledge of how the market works, and these experts ensure that the invested funds will perform well. There is a lot of things mutual fund can do for you if you have the money and the time to multiply your money.

There are many ways to invest in mutual funds. Most popular of all time include Systematic Investment Plan or commonly known as SIP.

So, after doing well research in the market here we have came up with the best apps for mutual fund which you must be know and should select one among them for your mutual fund investments.

1. Zerodha Coin App – Best app for mutual fund (Advanced & Beginners)

Zerodha Coin app is the number one investment app. This allows investors to invest in SIPs directly from 34 fund houses.

The app saves investors an additional 1-1.5% per year directly on SIP.

It has built a huge customer base which makes this app the top choice for investors. The funds are available in Demat form, so it is easier to use them as leverage to borrow.

2. Groww App – Most used app for mutual fund (Best for beginners)

Groww app is the safest stock trading platform. It lets an investor purchase and sell stocks quickly and easily. An investor can invest in NSE and BSE stocks.

This app provides a paper-free investing solution. It also tracks the performance of leading mutual funds.

Besides, it lets the investor calculate the returns via a mutual fund SIP calculator. It also shares the latest news related to the share market as well as finance.

Besides, the transaction in the Groww app comes with a 128 bit of SSL encryption, therefore, it is the safest app to invest in direct SIP.

3. CAMS App – Best app for direct SIP 

CAMS applications can provide investors with a variety of functions that facilitate the investment process. The app’s customer service team will answer all investor questions.

It also provides knowledge on self-help, money mantras and news distribution.

Manage your budget easily with the CAMS app. We also do not store merchants’ personal information. The app also allows investors to book mutual fund futures.

4. ET Money App – Easy and convenient mutual fund app

The highest rated app on play store is ET Money app. The app provides investors with financial advice through an automated process.

The ET money app provides services such as insurance policies, loans and more. Merchants can have a safe and convenient option to pay directly in SIP.

5. PayTM Money App – Most Known mutual fund

Opening a mutual fund account in the PayTM money app is very simple. Investing in SIP directly from here can give you 1% higher returns.

The PayTM money app’s advisory team also advises investors on trading strategies. This application does not make money to directly buy and sell SIPs.

There are over 40 mutual fund companies in this app. With 24/7 real-time services, Paytm money app has established itself as the best app to share money.

6. Kuvera App – Best mutual app for beginners 

Kuvera app is identified as the best online platform for seasoned investors. It has tie-up with every fund house which makes investing in direct SIP easy.

The app also features tax harvesting, reports, and tradesmart. Kuvera app rewards its investors too. The reward points can be used to activate paid features.

7. PaisaBazaar App – Top mutual fund app with good features

PaisaBazaar offers a wide range of financial products, making it the best app for sharing money. Investing directly in SIP through this app will keep your money safe.

It is also registered with SEBI which allows this app to safely invest in mutual funds.

Mutual funds is the great way of starting your investment journey that to with minimum risk, if you risk appetite is very high and you want to make more money by direct investing in Stocks, then you can also go for the above listed for stocks investment too. As these applications also provide investment in stocks, future & options and intraday trading features too.

Conclusion on best app for mutual fund

Before investing in the mutual fund whatever you may liked, you must know the basic things and terms like NAV, expense ratio, risk, past record and all.

And the above listed apps has beautifully designed their interface to replicates the best and trending points to the users very keenly.

So, that’s all for the 7 best app for mutual fund, hope you have definitely like the post as much as we do sharing it with you. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members too who are eager to start their investing at an early stage and don’t know from which app they should take the start with.

Thank You 🙂

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