How to Connect Phone to Laptop with USB 2024

Nowadays transferring files from one device to another device is one of the main and critical thing which everyone must know.

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As most of us are used to engage with our phones more rather than our laptop, as phone is pretty exclusively portable than laptop, so most of the files, photos, videos and many more digital stuff is captured and stored in our phones.

But what if you want to share it to your laptop and you don’t have any other alternative option apart from transferring the files with the help of USB cable.

So, if you are also stucked in the same situation and looking out for How to Connect Phone to Laptop with USB, then you have landed to the right post as here we have listed out everything in detail which you must be knowing.

Without any further delay let’s get started and learn how to connect your phone with laptop using USB cable and transfer the files.

How to Connect Phone to Laptop with USB

Since the previous decade, every phone has included a USB port for connecting to larger devices like desktop computers and laptops.

If not the directly USB port it can be connected via the pin module USB wire that can transfer the data on both sides.

The best method for transferring files is thought to be over a USB connection only.

As it is through the cables and operation of transferring the files and local media seems to be reluctantly seamless.

The USB cord is sent with the phone by the manufacturer companies only so as to give the best product and services to the user and to cut costs, contemporary smartphones typically merge the USB cable with the charger.

Fortunately for you, connecting the phone to the laptop is a relatively easy operation. So just look at the below steps listed and follow the same to transfer the files and media via USB cable from your phone to laptop.

Connect the USB connector on your phone to the laptop or desktop PC on the opposite side. The phone quickly displays options for a connection mode, such as MIDI or charging-only file transmission.


The laptop can supply power to the phone for charging, but it cannot view the file. And files can be transferred on both sides from Laptop to Phone or Phone to Laptop.

Because it is not a charger adaptor, the charging process is typically slower.

Yes this process is truly slower but is the most easiest option one should look if you don’t want to go in depth settings.


The Media Transfer Protocol, or MTP for short, is a protocol for transferring any kind of file from a phone or laptop.

PTP or Photo Transfer Protocol:

If MTP isn’t supported, there is another option: Photo Transfer Protocol. The only file type that may be sent through this connection is the photo file format.

So if you have a lot of photos to be transferred one device to another device and stucked how to do it. Then you go ahead with this process.


Not a computer, but primarily for linking phones to musical instruments. You can choose it for more technical and useful transfer of media files.

Now just choose Media Transfer Protocol if you wished to transfer files from a phone to a laptop or vice versa.

So this way you can just plug your phone to your laptop and transfer the files, local media and a lot of other digital stuff.

Conclusion on How to Connect Phone to Laptop with USB

You can also choose other alternative options like uploading the media files, photo’s and all to One drive and then downloading it after signing in to your laptop.

Moreover this is the best option to share the files using USB if you don’t want any hurdle to come in between.

So that’s all for How to Connect Phone to Laptop with USB. Hope you have definitely like the post as much as we so sharing it with you.

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benefits of technology integration in the classroom
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