15+ App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet in 2024 [Must Read]

App ideas to make money, simple app ideas that make money, million dollar app ideas, unique app ideas, app ideas that haven’t been made: It is true that finding an app ideas that haven’t been touched and explored yet is pretty difficult or next to impossible, as the rapid development and growth in the AI, Robotics, ML, App development, IT and everything at its boom.

Almost every sector and possibility has been explored and people has done something in every field out there. But you don’t need to worry, as it says “There’s a way when there’s a hope” in short, sectors have been explored but to build a million dollar revenue model you need to be master in one niche or particular field.

So, just pick your passion, niche and interest and there you go to build an app that haven’t been explored yet a lot and for sure you will get the first mover advantage. App ideas to make money, simple app ideas that make money, million dollar app ideas, unique app ideas, app ideas that haven’t been made.

If you are in a search for the same, then you have landed to the right post as here we have listed out interesting app ideas that haven’t been made so you can explore them and build your business over there. Without any further delay let’s dive in and explore…

App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made

In 21st century you don’t need to follow the crowd and go in a traditional business plan which everyone is following, just choose the best niche of your interested and make a business plan with some USP and there you go in the market with your unique business ideas and plan.

So, here’s is the list of app ideas that have been explored little bit but there is an immense potential and growth which you might find.

1. Shopping app or Grocery App

A grocery store app powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence can offer a unique approach to online shopping. This app may contain various features, e.g. Recommendations based on location, budget, purchase history and other criteria.

App ideas to make money, simple app ideas that make money, million dollar app ideas, unique app ideas, app ideas that haven’t been made.

2. Delivery service upon request

An on-demand delivery service is a great idea for a phone app. Such an app helps customers send parcels by recommending the best delivery companies that provide necessary services based on their location and the type of items to be delivered.

3. All-in-One Social Media App

With so many social media apps, it is difficult for users to be present and active everywhere. The main idea is to bring all the social media platforms together in one solution to be ubiquitous without much effort.

4. Parking App

Finding free parking can be difficult, especially in big cities. A solution that will help users find free parking is one of the most popular app ideas today. Such applications can be achieved using beacons and IoT technologies.

It is on the boom because of the rapid increase in the automobile sector and every individual has their own transport facility, so parking problem is creating chaos, and it is the best opportunity to work in this type of app.

5. Brand Identifier App

Such an application would be a useful addition to the toolkit for identifying counterfeits of well-known brands of clothing, jewelry, watches, and other luxury goods. By scanning a tag, users can verify the authenticity of products, learn about companies, their policies, standards, and other information that influences purchase decisions.

6. AR app for school

Such applications already exist, but are not widely used. So, if you are considering an idea for an app that has not yet been made, consider creating an application for schools that will help students better understand complex materials and concepts through the implementation of augmented reality.

App ideas to make money, simple app ideas that make money, million dollar app ideas, unique app ideas, app ideas that haven’t been made.

7. Smart Cooking App

Cooking gadgets are certainly among the programs to be developed. They can provide users with recipes based on the ingredients they have in their hands. With an app like this, you no longer have to ask what you can prepare for dinner after a long day at work.

8. Identification App

This is one more fascinating idea among application thoughts that haven’t been made. Such an application can be utilized to perceive superstars, tunes, films, TV shows, and so forth.

9. Virtual Shopping App

Such applications can assist with both memorability and further develop change rates. A virtual shopping application can give clients data about item accessibility, the best get areas, the most active hours at stores, etc.

10. Note Sharing App

Note sharing ought to be recorded among application thoughts to make from now on. This type of apps truly very helpful for recording and noting important things in our day to day life.

11. Smart Investment App

Investing is a seriously difficult region that requires explicit information and comprehension of market changes. An AI-based investing and stocks application will truly do statistical surveying and present clients with the outcomes and expectations for an organization or region that the client is keen on.

12. Tax Management App

Paying taxes is headache for everyone out there. That is the reason your new application thoughts can circle around, making the existence of business visionaries simpler. Such an application can assist with paying taxes in view of the client’s area and even give the capacity to make solicitations.

13. Installment Reminder App

This application can follow every one of client’s installments and bills, including administrations memberships, and so forth. An application of this sort will assist with staying away from circumstances when clients neglect to drop memberships they never again require. It’s most certainly one of the commendable application thoughts that haven’t been made.

14. Local Party and Event Finder App

There are a great deal of arrangements that offer data about nearby occasions, including Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, and others. In any case, in the event that you are investigating conceivable web application thoughts, you can make a stage that will gather data from every such arrangement and show it in a application.

15. General store Checkout App

This one is most certainly among application thoughts that can influence the world. Despite the fact that Amazon has proactively sent off its Amazon Fresh, Jio Mart etc. the utilization of such an innovation is uncommon today. You can just take the idea and change it to satisfy the needs of neighborhood markets.

16. Occasion Planning and Invitation App

Such applications improve on the preparation of various occasions, like weddings, birthday events, parties, and so forth. Occasion arranging arrangements can incorporate different usefulness, e.g., list if people to attend manifestations, greeting sending, correspondence, plan matchings, and so forth.

So, that’s all for the 15+ app ideas that haven’t been made, hope you have definitely like the post as much as we do sharing it with you.

Don’t forget to share it with your entrepreneur or business minded friend who wants to do something unique in his or her life. App ideas to make money, simple app ideas that make money, million dollar app ideas, unique app ideas, app ideas that haven’t been made.

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