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Jio TV APK, JioTV not working on Android TV, APK of Jio TV, Jio TV APK for MI TV 4a:  Most of the Jio TV users and viewers are facing the issues of Jio TV not working on their Android TV and this type of error has also happened before too, when Jio stopped the playability of its Android application, even on Jio GigaFiber broadband.

jio tv not working on android tv

So today, we have brought you a wonderful solution to fix this problem of Jio TV not working Andoird TV. Without any further delay let’s dive in explore to fix why Jio TV not working on your Andoird TV but before that little bit understand about the Jio TV APK.

What is JioTV APK for Android TV?

JioTV APK for Android TV: After completely disrupting the whole broadband market and revolutionizing the whole telecom sector Reliance Jio came up with the JioTV, millions of Reliance Jio users used Jio sim on their smartphones. It comes with truly unlimited data, seamless & uninterrupted internet connection, free voice calling, and much more…
So most people also spend their time exploring the Jio apps compared to all other apps. JioTV comes to be the most popular TV application in the Google play store launched by Reliance Jio for their mobile and TV or computer users. There are many TV applications available on the internet market but JioTV has its different aroma and best quality medium which is completely free and it will play even very low bandwidth signals which means you will get the best uninterrupted entertainment fun. So you can watch your favorite serials, dramas, films, programs without any interruption.
Seeking the immense potential of JioTV, Reliance Jio has launched and announced the web version of its JioTV app. So the users of Reliance Jio will able to watch live TV and favorite programs straight away on their PC and Android TV. Now you know what is JioTV for Android and why it’s launched for the Android TV.

Jio TV Not Working on Android TV

JioTV APK is a fantastic and worth quality application, after side-loading it and set-up, you don’t need to invest in any set-top box or any other third-party medium to access the media on your Android TV despite high subscription fees gives you limited access to various channels which is more than enough to explore. For playing this application you just need a high-speed Internet connection like JioGigaFiber broadband which is the most reliable broadband connection in India, and the doors will be opened to unlimited entertainment for you.

There are so many reasons possible you may end up with the issue regarding Jio TV not working on Android TV. Like the outdated versions of Jio tv gives this kind of issue. So if you are experiencing the issue or problem in the newer versionJioTV, there are very easy solutions available for that. Just you need to figure out which will work very well to fix the issue, Jio tv APK is not working on my Android TV.

So, let’s have a look at how to fix it…

Update Your JioTV App

Whenever you are using the JioTV, make sure you are using the latest updated version of the JioTV application which offers the best user experience. Jio tv app developers frequently make changes and try to offer the best quality entertainment medium so update the app frequently and you also need to go parallel.

Restart the Network

There may be a temporary or permanent issue with your network that may happen this error on the Jio tv app on your Android TV. So just you need to make sure you have restarted the network connection.

To restart Network search and start, you can do 2 pretty simple and easy steps.

  1. Make your android device in airplane mode and then try to deactivate airplane mode. so that, your devices connected will search network and start to begin to network from scratch, and then open the Jio Tv app.
  2. Restart your device, it is the easiest step you can follow. Just switch off your device and then switch On.

Re-start Your JioTV app

You need to restart the JioTV app, just force stop or force close the application by going to the settings of your phone or Android TV and then restart your JioTV App.

Make sure no downloading happens with another application

Since Jio tv App is featured with a Picture in the picture best-featured mode, which means you can watch Jio tv on above, simultaneously, and during another application running in the background. When using Jio tv App, make sure that you are not downloading any other big files using a browser or any other torrent-based applications. This may slow down the streaming medium and ultimately your JioTV App will not work.

Likewise, there are many reasons why your JioTV APK not working for Android TV. You need to make sure the best and try to fix the listed points.

Note: Make sure JioTV is available only for iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets). Your device needs to have iOS version 7.0 or higher, Android OS version 4.1 or higher to enjoy JioTV App.

With this single JioTV APK application for Android TV, you will get access to all the most famous and important channels that are played through Jio TV, Zee 5, Sony Liv, Airtel TV, and Hotstar, without any restriction, interruption, or extra payment.

JioTV application allows you to view 500+ channels of Jio TV in almost all regional languages without paying any extra amount. You can watch all channels your favorite channels like Star Plus, Sony, and Zee without any restriction.

All the premium sports channels including Football, Cricket, and other sports in all regional languages can be easily seen through this application. After downloading and setting up this application, you do not even need any login ID, credential access, or password to watch the programs.

The Jio TV App provides very high-quality media channels and all with ultra-fast Jio Giga Fiber internet connection. It comes with a package of 500+ channels and more than 60+ HD channels from which you can select the channel and any language which movie you want to watch and enjoy. JioTv for Android TV supports more than 16 languages like English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, and more.

You can also install Jio TV APK on your Android TV and watch your live TV programs via a high-speed internet connection.

If you are still facing issues or have any queries related to Jio TV not working on Android TV, please follow the correct procedure of how to install the Jio TV APK for Android TV.

Features of JioTV APK for Android TV

There are many features available on JioTV App which you will get to know when you install JioTV on your Android TV. Once you install JioTv App on android Tv you can easily access all the features of JioTv for Android TV. Here we have listed some of the best features of the JioTV App which you must know.
  • Watch your favorite films, dramas, programs, movies, and a lot more at any time and anywhere.
  • JioTV for android tv you can use a reminder option for your timely programs.
  • You can create your own favorite program playlist and can easily manage your channels.
  • Using JioTv for android TV you have an in-built video feature player on your Android TV. So you don’t need to install any video player application or any third-party video application to play a video on your Android TV.
  • Select your regional or any language and favorite programs.
  • The JioTV comes with a package of more than 500+ channels, a JioFiber TV Channel List, and 60+ HD channels.
  • Using Jiotv App for android TV you can easily save your favorite programs for up to 7 days. So you can never miss any updates or your favorite movies and programs.
  • JioTV app also provides pause, resume, and play options. So you can easily figure out if any interruption happens.

Final Words:

The above-mentioned and listed methods commonly fix the issues you are getting when you try to open the JioTV App on your Android TV while your Jiotv is not working or offline issue. Try to figure out all the possible ways listed, if you still don’t found any other solution to this bug, please comment down below, we will try our best to help you out and make sure to solve your problem from scratch. Thank You.

Team Jio Fiber

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