How to get Jio Fiber 2024?

How to get JIO FIBER: The Billionaire Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) launched JioFiber Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband service with 7 different plans starting at Rs.399/- to Rs.8,499/- only which almost 50% lower than the other broadband service providers in the market offering with quality services like Zero Latency Gaming & VR experience, Premium content, OTT Entertainment Application, Home Gateway, Jio 4k Set-Top Box and much more… Here we will discuss how to get Jio Fiber service, how to do JioFiber registration, and how to do Jio Fiber connection directly to our home.

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Jio Fiber entered the telecom broadband market with an aggressive and attractive pricing model, and gather a huge number of user base 2 crores, subscribers in 1,600 cities all over India within a very short span of time. The company is offering the best affordable inexpensive plans, add ons, benefits, welcome offers, and complimentary gifts at regular intervals. Jio Fiber Free Amazon Prime Membership, Hotstar VIP Subscription, Free Set-Top Box, etc.

How to get Jio Fiber?

To get JioFiber service you can register in both offline and online mode. To get registered in online mode just visit the nearest Jio Store or Jio Service Centre and take the appointment for installing Jio Fiber ultra-high-speed broadband service connection or you can also get registered online with just a few simple click. Below are steps listed which you need to follow to get registered for the Jio Fiber connection…

Steps to follow 

  1. Visit the Official Jio Website or MyJio App.

how to get jio fiber, jio fiber speed, jio fiber registration, plans, jio fiber

2. Enter your name and mobile number, click to generate OTP and get verify your mobile number

3. Enter your Pincode, State, City, Building, or apartment name, locality, etc.

how to get jio fiber, jio fiber speed, jio fiber registration, plans, jio fiber

4. Click on the submit button and there you go. Once feasibility is confirmed Jio Fiber’s official executive and representatives will get you notified about the Jio Fiber connection, installation appointment, and further process soon.

how to get jio fiber, jio fiber speed, jio fiber registration, plans, jio fiber

5. If you want to add the address of your friend, family members or relative to get them to know about Jio Fiber connection and how to get Jio Fiber, click on Add more Address

how to get jio fiber, jio fiber speed, jio fiber registration, plans, jio fiber

Here you can add the address and contact number for your relative or friends to get Jio Fiber connection and easy installation. Jio Fiber is the best affordable and most dominating broadband service provider in the market at present.

Jio Fiber Installation charges/Document Verification

Jio Fiber installation is free, at the time of the new Jio Fiber connection a user has to pay Rs.1,000/- for the WiFi router charges which is “Non-Refundable” and Rs.1,500/- towards the security deposit which is refundable.

The documents you need to verify with the Jio Fiber executive officials are

  1. Aadhar Card or
  2. Any other POA (Proof of Address) or POI (Proof of Identification)

Once the documents are verified by the Jio Fiber representatives, it will take merely 2 hours to set up the full installation of Jio Fiber WiFi router settings in your home or workplace. Jio Fiber is also offering Jio 4k TV to a monthly subscription of premium plan Diamond, Diamond+, Platinum, and Titanium users starting from Rs.1,499 to Rs.8,499. However, Gold Plan users can also avail of this offer with 2 years of subscription priced at Rs 999 per month.

If you want to change the appointment date of Jio Fiber connection or installation you can easily contact the Jio Fiber customer care and get quick support instantly.

Jio Fiber Plans

Jio has introduced 7 plans from basic to premium for the Jio Fiber users according to their data requirement need, speed, price, and considering other factors. The plans start from Bronze Plan priced at Rs 399/- providing 30 Mbps high-speed internet connection to the premium Titanium Plan priced at Rs 8,499/- providing 1 Gbps ultra-high-speed internet connection to the Jio Fiber users. All the information about the Jio Fiber plans is listed in the table below, please have a look.

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Jio Fiber Customer Care/Helpline/Support/Service Number

If you have any queries, questions, doubts, or errors regarding Jio Fiber installation, WiFi router settings, Jio 4k Set-Top box connection, etc. Contact Jio Fiber customer care number and get instant quick fiber support from the professional executives of the Jio Fiber.

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Please let us know in the comment section below if you still left with any queries or doubts. We will give you an instant quick reply and sort out your problem.

how to get jio fiber, jio fiber speed, jio fiber registration, plans, jio fiber
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