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How to change JioFi password, JioFi login details, a default password of JioFi, JioFi login portal: JioFi, the most reliable and portable broadband routers launched and announced by Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Jio Industries Limited, are known to provide aggressive, attractive, and lucrative data packages at the best price offer.

The most reliable and portable router that uses a Jio 4G SIM allows users to access the 4G hotspot fast internet connectivity which can be further used to connect with electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, TV, and so on. The JioFi 4G routers are also available in different sizes and battery capacities, specs and they can be all configured through an official website link of or the MyJio app. Users of JioFi can also subscribe to various broadband data packages as per their requirements.

Since a single JioFi 4G portable device router can connect multiple devices of different users at the same time, online security can be seriously at risk. Therefore, strongly recommend you to frequently and timely change the password of your JioFi 4G most reliable and portable router, to do the change in the password of JioFi or how to change JioFi password or JioFi default password change please follow the steps listed below.

The simplest yet fastest method to change the default password of JioFi is this ——> JioFi Login to web admin panel at http://jiofi.local.html – change WiFi password, username, default router settings.

Network, LAN, Wi-Fi, Storage, Manage LTE, Apps Management, WPS, User Management, Firmware Upgrade, and advance settings.

Now let’s explore in detail and see the features of JioFi too which you can use and enhance the seamless internet experience.

Default Password change JioFi

If you’re a  Reliance Jio 4G user, surely you’ll know about the JioFi 4G Hotspot. The most reliable and portable JioFi 4G device along with a Jio 4G SIM lets you access 4G internet speeds on practically any device, be it a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, desktop, or smart TV. If you haven’t experienced or already subscribed to the Jio 4G reliable router, here’s where you get a Jio 4G connection, and you can even buy a JioFi device right now.

And if you’re already using a JioFi 4G device, here are a few very important things you should do to secure it from the unethical access from outsiders. Remember, if you’re sharing your connection with others or others know your password of JioFi, you might want to change the password instantly, frequently every now and then.

The first thing you need to do for your JioFi device is to power on the device by holding down the button. If you haven’t noted down the name of the JioFi’s WiFi network and its password or username, you can find it on the back of the packaged box, or under the battery at the back of your JioFi device.

Here we’ll also show you how to customize the username, password of the JioFi router device network, or JioFi default password change. Please follow the steps clearly listed…

Step 1Connect the device to your JioFi over Wi-Fi or USB to change the default password of JioFi

Step 2: Open the browser on your device and type the URL: http: //jiofi.local.html and press enter

Step 3: Tap on the Login button on the top right of the browser screen

Step 4: When prompted enter User ID – administrator and Password – administrator and tap on the login

Step 5: Navigate to Wi-Fi settings under the settings tab

Step 6: Change JioFi Name (SSID) and Security Key (Password) to the desired value and save

Step 7: Your JioFi Name (SSID) and Security Key (Password) is now changed

Password Tip for JioFi or any other router:  If you would want to change your password for JioFi or any other router at your home or office to a combination that cannot be guessed by anyone and only you know about it and you also not want to chnag eit too frequnetly. Then a combination of letters,  characters, digits, and special symbols make for a strong password that should be more than 8 characters.

Troubleshoot jiofi.local.html not opening or default JioFi password and username

If you are not able to open the webpage on jiofi.local.html or your laptop, desktop, or phone, then it could be due to several reasons and issues. Maybe there is some problem in the settings of your JioFi due to which you are not able to open jiofi.local.html or it could be some other internet connectivity problem. Whatever the problem may be or whatever the problem may be in your JioFi, the fix to this is very easy and simple.

So, to fix this issue of jiofi.local.html not opening all you have to do is to factory reset your JioFi device. When you will factory reset your JioFi router device then all the settings will be reverted back to the defaults like the default password or JioFi and default username including any faulty settings that may be causing this issue to not make your login into the JioFi settings. To factory reset your JioFi device router 4G connection, please follow these steps:

  1. With the JioFi device router switched on, take off the back covering and locate the very small RESET buttonhole.
  2. Take a sharp and pointy object such as a needle or toothpick and insert or pin it into the RESET hole.
  3. Now, press and hold the RESET buttonhole using a needle/toothpick for 15-30 seconds. You will notice the LEDs on the device will turn red and the device will reboot or reset.
  4. After the device reboots, everything will be reset back to the factory defaults and you will be able to open jiofi.local.html.

Even after factory resetting of your JioFi router device, if you are still not able to open jiofi.local.html or unable to see the page opening then it may be that there is some firewall blocking your access to jiofi.local.html. So, make sure that there is no firewall program blocking or not allowing you to see the page or anything else blocking your access to jiofi.local.html

To further secure your JioFi device, and if you weren’t prompted to change the password earlier, you can do this by clicking on User Management > Account Management. Enter a new username and password, then confirm it. Click on the Save button when you’re done. If you haven’t purchased a JioFi device 4G router for yourself, you can buy one online right now.

Note: In case the SSID of the JioFi 4G router device unknown, users can easily access the information present under the battery located inside the router. The JioFi routers are available at Relinace Jio official website or Reliance Jio’s retail stores. The different units, sizes and the variable capacity of the JioFi can be also viewed on the company’s official website.

Jio Wifi Recharge Jiofi Jio Wifi Price Jio Wifi Plans Jiofi Wifi Router Reliance Jio R 2020
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