How to Find my EMIS Number in 2024

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how to find my emis number

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What is EMIS Number?

The EMIS Number (Education Management Information Systems) is a unique, 8-digit number assigned to all the schools by the Department of Education (DoE). The educator must write it on the board so that all learners can eventually fill this inaccurately.

The EMIS Number is a system for the collection, tracking, progress, maintenance, integration, processing, and dissemination of data and the information to support decision-making, formulation, and planning.

What is EMIS Number Full Form?

As stated above the full form of EMIS Number is (Education Management Information Systems). It keeps a record, analysis, and tracking of student data for the progressive growth in academics.

What is the actual use of EMIS Number?

EMIS number stores crucial student data such as personal data, attendance records, exam records, curricular activities track, and even library and hostel details. Additionally, it keeps all track records of the student for the day-to-day progress and improvement.

How to find EMIS Number?

Now we will discuss how to find TN EMIS number from the TNschools portal with the correct details. Please follow the steps listed below to find out the EMIS TN School or TN EMIS School successfully.

1.Visit the Official TN EMIS school portal (Tnemisschool) or the emis login page.

emis TN school

2. log in to your TNschols EMIS  dashboard with the correct username and password.

3. You will land on the respective page of your class.

TN emis

4. Now click on the button at the top right (CSV) to download the excel file of your Unique ESMI Numbers.

5. Open it in Microsoft Excel and you are set to go to find the TN School EMIS Number.

TN school emis

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How to enter TN School EMIS Entry?

Please follow the flow of following listed steps to enter the tnchools emis entry.

  1. First of all, to access the data entry for student profile on TN School EMIS through by Google chrome browser.
  2. Login to the dashboard and the student data entry screen will appear.
  3. To access data entry or EMIS entry for student profile on EMIS
  4. You will land on the first screen – 1.
  5. Click on I understand risk and then you are set to go.

How to find EMIS number of a student in Tamil Nadu?

To find the EMIS number of a student in Tamil Nadu just you need to follow the steps listed above and make sure to enter the correct details.

  1. Login to your EMIS dashboard via tn school emis portal
  2. Update the information
  3. Access the unique ID EMIS number by downloading the CSV file on your desktop, mobile, or laptop.

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how to find my emis number
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